The Swiss cloud-based travel platform for scuba divers that allow them to log and track their diving
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How we started

When first approaching us in 2012, Diviac already had conceptual design and business strategy arranged, and required a team of product developers to build the solution from the ground up. As the concept of logbook implies users travel a lot, Diviac required a truly cross-platform solution, working seamlessly across web and mobile.

Diviac focused at design and business sides, while we took over the entire development, providing project management, engineering, quality assurance, cloud and maintenance services.

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Initially, we’ve concentrated on 3 core goals:
Clean, prepare, and migrate the project data
Build an entire Diviac’s web application
Establish an incremental upgrade flow
Software Product Development
Since 2012
Team size
10-15 engineers

Why Diviac chose us

Diviac was looking specifically for a technical partner with strong experience in Python & Django, able to support the project for years to come. Diviac aimed to design a solution that combines an ability to work with dive computers, a comprehensive marine database, advanced reporting and social features, and enhance the system with strong marketing tools.


We’ve already had a solid experience working in the Swiss market, and committed to support Diviac for as long as they will require. Today, we marked 10 years of our cooperation — and we only keep counting.

Diviac chose us for our Django expertise and ability to take responsibility for the entire technical side of the project in a long-term perspective.

We received a recommendation from another Swiss startup, informing us that Django Stars had a great reputation. We submitted our statement of work and received a very compelling proposal.

Joel Perrenoud

Joel Perrenoud

CEO of Diviac, 2012

Partnership since 2012
Team Composition
4 Backend engineers, 3 Frontend engineers, 3 QA engineers, 1 Product designer, 1 Project manager
Technology Stack
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In 2018, PADI, The Professional Association of Diving Instructors, acquired Diviac to transform it into a new platform for scuba divers named PADI Travel — a solution that allows users to search, filter, and book diving adventures, and helps businesses across the globe list and provide diving-related services.

PADI is the world’s largest diver organization, covering 186 countries and territories, with a global network of 6,600 dive centers and resorts and over 128,000 members.

Such a scale required our combined team to not only embed the Diviac software solutions into PADI’s business model correctly but enhance the product with multiple major features to cover multiple scenarios and bring user experience to another level.

The Diviac logbook has more than 75K users and remains one of the most advanced in the market. Diviac Travel that is now PADI Travel is the world's leading Online Travel Agency for Scuba Divers.

PADI has not only kept the Django Stars team after the acquisition, they have now declared it a strategic partner and has them involved in building software solutions outside of PADI Travel.
Joel Perrenoud

Joel Perrenoud

Chief Product & Digital Officer, PADI, 2022


What empowered Diviac to reinvent logbooks and bring diving to digital age

Cloud-based diving logbook

Diviac allows users to log their dives from web and mobile, and synchronize photos, dive information, and setting across the devices. Designed in 2012, Diviac cloud platform efficiently operates for over a decade and  empowers scuba divers to digitize their best adventures.

We’ve equipped Diviac with smart reporting tools that help users understand their dive patterns, check statistics of their dives, customize dashboards, and export the information in a few clicks.

The logbook also has an interactive map that allows users to pin points where they dived or want to dive, and enhances the dive history showcase experience.

Initially, Diviac platform allowed users to search for adventures and resorts, make reservations, and introduced advanced filtering to fulfill needs of experienced divers. Diviac’s dive trip planner empowers users with advanced dive guides and a comprehensive marine database that contains detailed information on thousands of species, geo-specific lists of animals and plants, and top recommendations.

After acquisition, Diviac’s booking functionality became a core part of PADI Travel, and now it allows for rich filtering by price, location, meal plan, services for divers, and animal-seeing options, and introduces several booking and payment options.

Integration with dive computers

Being one of the Diviac’s premium features, integration with 100+ dive computers made by industry leaders like Suunto, Aeris, Oceanic, and more, empowers divers to upload and enrich their dive logs seamlessly.

To enhance the process of making dives official, we’ve also added an ability for dive instructors and other divers to approve logs. Instructors also can send log details to divers they guided, so they can copy and upload it — the same works for experienced divers who dived together.

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We've received some very positive feedback both from our investors and from our users who see and use the platform on a daily basis.

Overall, I'm very positive about Django Stars, and I can recommend them without any problem. They've been very flexible in accommodating our needs, our desires. They've also been very responsive