A US-based solution for sports facilities
businesses that covers scheduling and payment.
How we started

eSoftPlanner was built primarily for sports academies and expanded for businesses like swimming clubs, music schools, dance studios, and more. The platform allowed end clients to make appointments and book facilities, and eSoftPlanner needed a team able to transform its legacy solution into a modern, feature-rich one.

We focused on several core goals when working with eSoftPlanner
Implement a new platform structure
Recompose a technology stack
Redesign site configuration and permissions
Team size
15 Engineers

Why eSoftPlanner chose us

The ability to move through the development process extremely quickly while providing complete, well-designed features was the main reason for eSoftPlanner to choose us.

Our client was looking for a vendor with broad technical expertise in both building software from scratch and redevelopment of existing solutions — and Django Stars offered a combo of such expertise, reasonable price, and development speed.


eSoftPlanner chose us because of our prior experience in the US market and high-quality project portfolio across multiple industries.

We compared delivery times, quality of work, and other components, and Django came out on top. They seemed to work at a faster pace. Their budget and timelines were fair, and the quality of their prior work was good.

Mike Meszaros

Mike Meszaros

President of eSoft Planner

Fueling the transformation

eSoftPlanner closes the gap between sports, music, and other clubs and end-users, providing them with the ability to book and pay for classes or facilities. As a vendor, we empowered our client to bring features that heavily affect both first-time user experience and retention.

The technical stack redesign combined with the platform restructuring and new features lay a strong foundation for further project development and business expansion.

Across the project development lifecycle, our team size fluctuated between 10 and 15 experts.

Partnership from 2017 to Feb 2019
team Composition
Technology Stack
logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo

What empowered eSoftPlanner to level up user experience, marketing, and retain customers better

An all-in-one CRM module for businesses

eSoftPlanner allows businesses to upload their company logo, set the order in which services are offered at the facility, and set the client-side colors to match their website design.

A rich, functional storefront for businesses is one of the key advantages of eSoftPlanner. The platform allows companies to:

  • Configure the shopping cart — set up the currency, taxes, fees, recurring billing types, and sales drawer information
  • Сreate a marketing waiver for your facility asking for clients’ permission to use their photos on your website, social media, etc. for marketing purposes
  • Сonfigure all the payment options, including the method of payments that will be accepted at the facility and/or online
  • To set options pertaining to your clients` access and user experience



Advanced marketing capabilities

To reinforce eSoftPlanner’s marketing capabilities focused on both new and returning clients, we’ve developed a set of features that expand existing and introduce new ways to reach the platform’s audience.

  • Dashboard messages that are displayed on the login screen or as a pop-up to inform clients of announcements and promotions
  • The marketing campaign participation option, selected during the client account creation process, helps to identify the channels through which clients are reached. Reporting tools are connected to this functionality to track ROI across channels
  • The coupon feature with a valid date range and a limit for use per person/family, divided by service type
  • The automated emailing tool introduces additional capabilities for incentivizing users and was primarily designed to motivate leads to finish their account setup
Our customers know that we’re moving forward from these developments, which has helped with their retention. These developments may have helped us land some new accounts as well, so overall this engagement has been valuable.
Mike Meszaros

Mike Meszaros

President of eSoftPlanner

Booking management module

We’ve designed a module that is responsible for facility and location operating hours management. Staff members or administrators can manage standard and special hours here, and add the closed days to the schedule.

Location management functionality allows businesses to add facilities to their accounts and set up their visibility across multiple types of users. Facilities managers can change the booking status (available, booked, not available for booking).



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They have been open and communicative throughout this collaboration. They’ve been clear about work and project assignments, delivering estimates, and project plans.

They’ve shared progress and provided explanations every step of the way. Any time we’ve had questions about the budget or schedule, they’ve provided us with clear answers and explanations