Foodservice Data Provider

A US-leading foodservice data provider that empowers businesses with advanced data processing and analysis for better decision-making.
Fortune 500
Acquired by Fortune 500 company
Raised in funding
How we started
We partnered with a US-based foodservice data provider company several months after its acquisition by a Fortune 500 company.
While providing extremely useful data and analytics to the Fortune 500 company clients — manufacturers, operators, and distributors —  the service faced app architecture and data management issues which limited its operations efficiency and business growth.
To eliminate the bottleneck that emerged, we’ve focused on two core goals:
Restructure the application’s logic process flows
Redesign the user experience
Several months in 2022
Team size
6 Experts

Why foodservice data provider chose us

Before partnering with Fortune 500 company, we designed some food solutions from scratch and obtained rich experience cooperating with US-based clients from multiple time zones. This background, combined with versatile Python expertise, allowed us to offer our partner an elegant, rapidly designed solution that kept them going.

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Django Stars came highly recommended from people in my network that I trust. Their communication and consultation skills were top-notch. No issues, whatsoever.

We engaged with Django Stars before the Russian Invasion broke out and have stayed in touch. There was little to no disruption to our project support despite the challenges their teams faced.

David Falck

David Falck

Vice President

Partnership in 2022
6 professionals from Django Stars covered the entire platform update
3 backend engineers, 2 frontend engineers, 1 Project manager

What fuels a US-leading foodservice data provider continuing growth.

Streamlined data management

After a Fortune 500 business acquired the our client — a data provider company, the platform faced higher loads and ended up with a gradually complicating app design that limited operational efficiency. Salespeople working with restaurants were having trouble setting up efficient data management, so we had to redesign the data management.

We’ve restructured the application’s logic process flows and implemented an improved filtering flow to help sales professionals accelerate the process of assigning, filtering, choosing and disqualifying leads.

As a result, our client provides salespeople with a more efficient, accelerated data flow that allows for higher operational efficiency and smooth business expansion.

Optimized user experience

To ensure easier lead management and accelerate communication with new restaurants, we redesigned home page, log-in, filtering system, and qualification process.

We’ve delved into Fortune 500 company operations specifics, identified the core points to optimize in the data provision software, and created a UX/UI solution that combines smooth data management with UX patterns familiar to the sales team.

We aimed to restructure the project rapidly and allow our client to process more and more data while keeping a straightforward, intuitive sales team working process. With us, our partner were able to achieve it in weeks, not months
Alexander Savchenko

Alexander Savchenko

Business Analyst

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The portal was very well received by the business and helped our salespeople discover leads and insights about their markets/territories. The app was very easy to extend by internal technicians after our project was completed with Django Stars.