The US-based alternative investment platform that provides clients with direct access to exclusive private investment opportunities.
Founded in 2008
In assets under management
Invested byCI Financial
How we started

When GLASfunds partnered with us in February 2022, they already had a working operating system able to cover every detail of bringing together investors and privately held companies. Though, the existing semi-manual system limited GLASfunds growth — and that’s why the company engaged our team.

Together, we’ve had to enhance GLASfunds’ operational efficiency and bring additional flexibility to the investment management process.

We focused on several core goals:
  • Build an internal portal to help the GLASfunds team manage every aspect of an investment lifecycle
  • Turn manual client info management into an automated process
  • Enhance the information flow with digitalization
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Why GLASfunds chose us

GLASfunds required some mix of team extension and product development — the company initially contacted us with a request to provide them with two of our Python experts to speed up their development and fill gaps in backend expertise. Our professionals were intended to help with features development, automatization efforts, optimization, and information flow enhancement.

After our engineers helped GLASfunds deal with the initial task set, we took over the internal portal development project.


GLASfunds chose us due to our expertise in Python & Django — and, even though we had a 7-hour timezone difference, our cooperation resulted in a successful portal redesign.


Together, we’ve been able to establish a flexible cooperation framework from day one, which not only allowed us to cooperate effectively across timezones but empowered GLASfunds with our both technical and product expertise.

Fueling the transformation
We joined the GLASfunds team to bring their operations to the next level and empower investment advisors to act faster.

While being efficient in providing private investors with exclusive access to investment opportunities, GLASfunds still used a workflow that required lots of manual work — from data management to communication.

Our engineers both empowered the ongoing digitalization and contributed to the project by taking over several features development, so GLASfunds was able to move as fast as their business required it.

Partners from February 2022 to July 2022
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What empowers GLASfunds to bring private investors and companies together.

GLASfunds brings together privately held companies looking for capital and private investors looking for investment opportunities and manages cooperation and information flows between them — including share prices, dividends, timeframes, and more. While quality personal communication is the key for such businesses to succeed, high operational efficiency is necessary to ensure hassle-free growth.

Together, we’ve designed a new internal portal to enable GLASfunds to reach this efficiency with several major improvements.

Enhanced proposal mechanism

To get approved as an investor, GLASfunds’ clients need to provide their information and fill in the application form. Based on this information, GLASfunds’ experts build personalized investment proposals.

To help the company avoid the risk of expenses growth as the business scales, and accelerate the proposal process, we’ve designed an internal portal feature that allows for fast calculations and automated proposal generation.

Improved client and investment data management

Together, we’ve created all-in-one dashboards for GLASfunds experts, that contain information on investment volumes and rounds, timeframes, and investment commitments. These dashboards empower the team to get, process, and analyze the data rapidly while leaving room for manual manipulations when they are needed.

Such a semi-automated approach allows for faster operations and a lower human error rate compared to a fully-manual flow.

Capital call functionality

Within the portal, GLASfunds team members can schedule and manage capital calls. Process automation allows for smart prioritization between clients, advanced calculations, locking of funds for the specific company in case the client invests in multiple businesses and more.

GLASfunds take advantage of a combination of automated and manual approaches, which enables the company to accelerate its operations while keeping the personal touch.

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