The US-based B2B SaaS platform that provides customers with comprehensive ingredient-level sustainability insights to empower them to develop more sustainable products.
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How we started

HowGood was looking for a partner to redesign the login flow and introduce more login options to increase security for their B2B customers and speed up the login process. When they contacted us, HowGood professionals already had exhaustive project documentation and engineering experts on their side.

We’ve been able to integrate deeply with their development team and set up predictable cooperation which led to finishing the project in several weeks

 Our involvement included solving two specific tasks:
  • Redesign the existing login flow to enhance security and usability
  • Enable an option to log into HowGood’s system with a partner organization's information
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Why HowGood chose us

Our Django expertise was the key factor — it allowed us to suggest a combo of the solutions and timeframes that would empower HowGood to implement the new login flows in just several weeks.

We’ve also had experience designing solutions for the US market-targeted SaaS businesses like Solastis and Reggora, which required little to no effort from HowGood to onboard our experts to the product and niche specifics.

Cooperating with HowGood, we acted as a fully-fledged short-term technical partner, covering design and development, and set up a transparent communication framework that allowed our teams to make decisions fast.


HowGood chose us for the combo of Django expertise and our background in building solutions for US-based SaaS businesses, which enabled fast and secure development.

Fueling the transformation

HowGood provides information to both large enterprises like Nestle and mid-sized companies, which demands it to have login flows that meet the security and usability requirements of both client types.

The login and authentication mechanisms we designed empower HowGood to offer more convenient ways of cooperation and are durable to scale both in terms of the clients’ number and clients’ types.

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What empowers HowGood to adapt to large and mid-sized customers’ needs better

We’ve redesigned the HowGood platform login flow, dividing it into two stages for a better user experience, and introduced an ability to log in with the partner organization information. That means users can log in with their G-suite or another corporate email — after the system checks on whether the organization has valid access, they will be asked to put in the password and get logged in.

We’ve realized the popup and redirect flows, created UX/UI solutions for them, assured quality, and conducted security tests — in a word, provided a turnkey functionality development, and implemented changes in just several weeks.

For HowGood, we implemented a future-proof login flow able to meet business scaling of any kind. It brings additional security, speeds up the login process, and works equally well for large enterprises with thousands of employees and mid-size companies.
Alexander Savchenko

Alexander Savchenko

Business Analyst