SaaS platform for insurance businesses

A US-based SaaS platform to automate claims and underwriting journeys for insurance businesses.
Founded in 2022
Raised in seed funding
How we started

Our client is a startup that aims to provide insurance companies with tools for claims automation and underwriting jouneys design for the industry-lowest cost. With an idea to build a highly customizable and easy-to-use low-code platform, the business owner reached us in May 2022.

Our combined team conducted a discovery phase to match the functionality and user flows that the product introduces and insurance providers’ expectations
Then, we focused on 3 key objectives:
Create a proof of concept
Develop a functional MVP
Transform an MVP into a fully-functional platform
Since 2022
Team size
7 Experts

Why our client chose us

Our partner is an ambitious startup with a clear vision of the audience pain points and how to solve them from a business perspective — and it needed a team of technical experts able to build an easy-to-use, future-proof platform for insurance businesses.


One of our clients recommended Django Stars as a strong partner for product development from scratch — and that trust became a foundation for our successful relationship with our new partner.

They provided us with an exceptional software engineering talent with deep expertise and strong communication skills. They've been a phenomenal partner to work with

Long-term business objectives

Our client aims to provide insurance companies with an all-in-one tool for rapid, effortless custom user flows design for claims and underwriting automation. Focusing on an ease of implementation and versatility, the platform allows businesses to cover multiple insurance claim scenarios.

As a technical partner, we’ve guided our partners through every step of product discovery, MVP, and building a fully-functional product — and we keep sharing the ownership after the successful launch.

Partners since 2022
Team Composition
1 Backend engineers, 3 Frontend engineers, 1 QA engineers, 1 Project manager, 1 Solution architect
Technology Stack
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What makes this platform a go-to solution for insurance businesses

Low-code solutions for custom user journey design

Insurance businesses have multiple claim scenarios to cover, and they often require several custom user flows that depend on insurance company specifics, property type, and more criteria.

For our client, we’ve created a construction kit that allows for seamless claim flows composition — it includes both basic elements like text areas, bullets, buttons, attach features, checkboxes, and brings more complex functionalities that allow for deeper personalization, such as:

  • An automated customer data import
  • Map pinning functionality
  • Insurance calculators
  • Website creation wizard

Together, we’ve designed a platform that empowers insurance companies with an ability to create user flows for claims in just hours and for industry-lowest price — which accelerates the entire process and positively affects user experience.

Use case-based templates

Rapid and effortless user journeys design is the core value offering of the product — and the platform allows businesses to create journeys even faster with a rich library of templates that cover claim processing, loss claim automation, digital quotes, repair selection and scheduling, and more.

Together, we’ve created a library of customizable templates that allows companies to set up journeys that meet their process specifics, integrate with third-party service providers, and sufficiently reduce manual work for underwriters and insurance professionals.

Seamless third-party service providers integration into an automated user journey

Our partnership implies shared ownership, which allows our team to introduce technical decisions that prove themselves rather in long run and focus on an ease of product scaling and transformations.

Composing the architecture, we put special efforts into the platform’s ability to seamlessly integrate with hundreds of third party solutions for analytics, data providers, electronic agreement services, and more.

Almost every third party solution can be integrated into template-based and custom automated journeys, which allows platform users to save time and resources.

We’ve been together through every stage of product discovery, development, and launch.

I believe shared ownership and trust to be key to the platform's success — a clear picture of long-term business expectations allowed Django Stars to design technical solutions that would empower our client’s growth for years
Iryna Kovbasa

Iryna Kovbasa

Project Manager