Medical Data
Management Platform

A UK-based data management platform for hospitals to accelerate information flow between patients, doctors, and hospital admins.
How we started

Our client received funding from UK governmental institutions to build a digital platform for hospitals aimed to accelerate communication and improve patient data management. While not providing comprehensive documentation, the platform’s team had a clear vision of the project and its functionalities.

Together, we conducted a discovery phase to shape the product vision, optimize costs, and make the platform truly future-proof whether it will be enhanced with multiple new features or just tweaked to meet changing hospitals’ needs.
Together, we’ve focused on several core goals:
Design an efficient process for a patient-to-hospital data exchange
Build an MVP
Team size
5 Experts

Why our client chose us

The client was looking for a company ready to dig into the project specifics and provide a detailed view of its development. Our shared values in terms of cooperation and technology stack, combined with our team’s experience in rapid MVP development while taking UK market regulatory requirements into account were the primary reasons to choose Django Stars.


Our client chose us because of our previous experience with software development for UK businesses and our proven ability to ensure strong sensitive data security.

Partnership in 2023
Services Delivered
Discovery Phase, Product Design, Web Development, Quality Assurance, Support & Maintenance, Cloud & DevOps
Team Composition
5 experts from Django Stars empowered Omnical transformation
1 Backend engineers, 1 Frontend engineers, 1 QA engineers, 1 Product designer, 1 Project manager
Technology Stack
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How the platform empowers hospitals to track and process requests in a fast, secure, and convenient manner

Straightforward onboarding for hospital teams

Our client’s platform introduces speedy onboarding for hospital team members — admins just need to import the list of users that contains their emails and personal data.

After the import, team members receive emails with links driving them to the registration page — all the information on that page is pre-filled, and password creation is the only step to take for hospital workers.

Accelerated medical issue registration and review process

The platform is designed to cover multiple scenarios, yet it’s especially beneficial for parents looking for a fast solution to address their kids’ medical issues. The software accelerates the process and saves doctors’ time by introducing a simple half-digital process:

  • Patients (or parents) contact the hospitals and briefly describe the medical issue
  • Administrators create a request within the system — it contains personal data, contact info, and, optionally, an NHS number
  • After the request is created, a patient gets an SMS with the request details and a link to a medical issue form
  • The patient fills out the form — it includes a basic description of the medical issue and allows to upload photos, videos, and audio (for example, of cough sound)
  • A doctor reviews the information submitted by the patient, updates notes on the request, and takes actions needed for further issue investigation or treatment

During the form filling-out, patients can select the issue from a dropdown and get issue-related tips. The questions can be customized by the hospital team depending on the medical issue selected. This approach allows patients and doctors to cooperate faster and go through the pre-treatment processes faster.

Streamlined requests and patient list management

The platform takes advantage of a fast customer relations module that allows managing requests and patient data. Users can access the requests they need by filtering by the medical issue, NHS, email, phone number, and name, which makes it extremely easy to study the disease history of a particular patient.

By choosing a specific request, users get access to information on medical issues, doctors’ notes, request priority, and additional SMS texts previously sent to patients.

In this way, the platform accelerates patient data management and provides hospitals with the ability to save doctors’ time.