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The US-based provider of video streaming solutions that introduces high operational flexibility, live interaction, and rich platform customization.
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How we started

Multimedia runs a platform that provides video streaming solutions and community forums. When Multimedia reached us, the company was looking for a tech partner able to enhance the performance and scalability of the platform — the existing solution experienced issues with more than 40k users on the broadcast, — and bring the interaction between streamers and users to the next level.

So, we aimed at several core goals:
  • Ensure hassle-free scalability and system performance
  • Design an easy-to-use platform for user-made chatbots and plugins integration
  • Expand optimization and automation capabilities
2020 — 2021
Team size
10 Engineers

Why Multimedia chose us

At the start of our communication, Multimedia provided a clear description of the problem to solve, documentation, and technology stack idea. They required a team able to fulfill the role of an external R&D unit and think in terms of architecture and long-standing, durable solutions together with the Multimedia team.

At the negotiations stage and during the discovery phase that we conducted together, we aligned our visions of solution architectures, tech stack, and development approaches quickly and set up a smooth communication flow.


Multimedia chose us for our ability to integrate into the project deeply and fulfill the roles of both researchers and product developers. Smooth communication between our teams was also essential.

Good mix of talented people. The team is easy to work with. We communicated via Slack and Google meetings. Everyone is always on time, no complaints.

Alexander Lind

Alexander Lind

Project Technical Lead

Discovery Phase

Before the development started, we conducted a comprehensive discovery phase to analyze the technical state of the platform and identify how exactly we are going to enhance the platform’s scalability and improve performance under heavy loads.

Together, we defined a technology stack that meets scalability and security requirements, designed how chatbots, extensions, and automation interact, and created a solid foundation for the platform to become even more powerful.

The discovery phase impacted the project heavily and provided us with plenty of solutions that later will determine the project's success — including the switch to microservice architecture and the design of mechanism by which services inside the platform interact.
Roman Osipenko

Roman Osipenko

CTO, Django Stars

Fueling the transformation
Starting our cooperation with Multimedia, we committed to cover not only the role of technical partner but to act as a true external research & development unit.

Together, we’ve conducted in-depth pre-development research, designed complex yet manageable architecture able to connect dozens of user-made extensions and process lots of information, and built a solid foundation for Multimedia to scale whenever the company needs it.

Our combined efforts resulted in not only enhanced performance but the company’s ability to better deliver its core value — communication between broadcasters and viewers.

Partners from Sep 2020 to Nov 2021
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Technology Stack
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What empowers Multimedia to сement its position as a leader of a high-traffic video streaming industry.

High-load chat platform with bots and extensions

Multimedia platform allows — and encourages —  broadcasters to create and use chatbots and chat plugins for better communication and control over their streams. Our goal was to design a solution that’s able to handle an extremely large amount of requests per second, manage multiple message kinds effectively, and automate some actions — like a ban for spamming or reacting to a donation.

We’ve designed flows for over 15 types of messages and set up message processing chains for each of them, introduced a routing functionality for smart categorization, and empowered broadcasters to respond or react to messages effortlessly.

To complete the system and allow an all-around analysis, we’ve introduced tools that are able to properly handle system testing with tens of thousands of requests per second.

Enhanced system performance under heavy loads

The chat platform experienced performance issues when the number of users was around 40k on one broadcast, which was accompanied by enormous amounts of requests processed by bots and plugins.

Multimedia reached the limit of its capabilities in vertical scaling — and the company needed a team able to set up an efficient horizontal one.

We helped Multimedia ensure high performance under heavy loads by redesigning the solution architecture, introducing smart load balancing and the ability to parallelize the workflow, and enhancing the technology stack with tools that suit high-load solutions better. We also introduced dynamic scaling to bring additional cost efficiency and empower Multimedia to handle peak loads better.

Multimedia provides solutions that have to handle an extreme number of requests per second, especially when it comes to traffic peaks. We’ve been able to meet it with a combo of architecture and scaling solutions’
Sergey Kubrak

Sergey Kubrak

Team Leader

Developer portal to empower users to create chat extensions

As the core value of the Multimedia platform is a combination of high-quality streaming and smooth communication, we also focused on making it faster and easier for developers to create and publish custom chatbots and extensions. So, we’ve designed a fully-fledged portal to empower developers.

The developer portal has a code editor and SDK, a testing environment, an autocompletion feature and error validation, a handler for multiple message types, versioning, and publishing functionality.

With such a toolkit, chatbot and extension creators have no need to use any additional software as every stage of development is covered. On the other hand, Multimedia obtained better control over what chat solutions company allows or prohibits on the platform.

World leaders run on a Multimedia platform

One of the businesses that use Multimedia chat platform is Chaturbate — an extremely popular video streaming service that not only handles large numbers of viewers but also provides them with rich capabilities within a chat — from donations to remote control.

Today, Chaturbate enjoys an enhanced extensions interaction system, improved performance even under loads of 40k+ viewers on one broadcast, and easier chat extension development.

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We designed and developed a distributed and scalable system to host and run custom, user-made extensions to be integrated into extremely high-traffic broadcasting services as its common part.

Someone within our company knew about Django Stars, which was our starting point