The UK-based specialist AV, UC & Security distributor that offers next-day delivery and helps its clients make informed decisions.
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How we started

Nimans were looking for a team able to help them showcase their items to clients faster, and more conveniently — the one that knows how to work with age-tested ERP systems and find solutions for user flow modernization. Nimans had a stable client base so we needed to level up the user experience rather than implement innovative solutions.

We committed to transforming the existing flow in up to 6 weeks with the core goal of implementing better item visibility, enhanced filtration, and enhanced security — primarily, in the login process.

Acquired by Midwich Group
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Why Nimans chose us

Nimans’ required a team able to dive into a long-standing software solution and create a mechanism that empowers end-clients to access data, and complete the task in a short time. Our experience across older Python & Django versions, combined with a solid background in digital transformation made Nimans choose Django Stars.

Together, we’ve been able to redesign the way Nimans’ customers access their system, search, filter, and shop for products in just 6 weeks.


Our experience across older Python & Django versions, combined with a solid background in digital transformation made Nimans choose Django Stars.

Fueling the transformation

Being rather a traditional business, Nimans strives to provide a tailored, hassle-free service. To help it do so, we’ve redesigned the way people access data and shop, helping Nimans to eliminate tension and serve their long-term customers better.

The API gateway we created hasn’t redesigned the way Nimans communicates with customers — it just made this communication faster, more convenient, and hassle-free.

Partnership in 2020
team Composition

How enhanced ERP experience helped Nimans to streamline user flows and bring cooperation with clients to the next level

Nimans is an AV, UC & Security distributor that focuses on providing businesses with hardware solutions and builds long-standing relationships — which means, they have a loyal client base, and clients buy multiple times over the lifecycle.

Our core goal was to provide them with an easy, straightforward way to search for products, filter, check availability, and make orders. The problem was, Nimans had an internal ERP system that limited customers’ ability to do so, and we had to find a way to deal with it.

We’ve designed an API gateway that allows customers to connect to Nimans’ ERP and get the information on products that Nimans is willing to share, which resulted in accelerated customer flow. As a part of the project, we implemented several core features:

  • Limited access configuration, which allows Nimans seamlessly control what ERP data the company wants to share
  • Translate the old-formatted data from ERP into an easy-to-operate format that enables customers to process downloaded data with no additional effort
  • The key management system that allows to generate and verify the keys customers use to log into the system
Long-standing businesses with loyal customers — like Nimans — need to modernize their digital solutions to find a proper combination of personalized approach and ability to get the information they need instantly.

Essentially, that’s exactly what we helped Nimans to do — in just 6 weeks they had a software solution perfectly integrated with their ERP.
Alexander Savchenko

Alexander Savchenko

Business Analyst