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A B2B and B2C e-commerce business that offers a wide choice of electrical parts online.
omnical illumidesk
Founded in 2013
Manufacturers represented
Electrical parts in one place
How we started

Omnical reached us in the fall of 2022 with an idea to accelerate their operations and bring advanced digitalization to order management process. Omnical professionals managed orders manually since 2013, using phone calls and rich script sets for excel documents, which limited company operational efficiency and growth potential.

Omnical provided us with a clear, detailed vision of how exactly the business sees the transformation, and embodied this vision into requirements documentation.
Together, we’ve focused on several core goals:
Accelerate communication between Omnical and its clients
Transform manual order management into a sharp digitized process
Since 2022
Team size
8 Experts

Why our client chose us

Omnical required a partner able to enter an existing project and set up an easy-to-use system for enhanced order processing management. Our experience with digital transformation for established traditional businesses and familiarity with e-commerce solutions specifics were the reasons for Omnical to contact us.


Our experience with e-commerce and digital transformation was the main reason for Omnical to conduct a discovery phase with us, and our shared values became a strong foundation for us to work together.

Long-term business objectives

We’ve conducted a one-week discovery phase to identify solutions and the best digital transformation opportunities. While Omnical already is a strong established business that serves both retailers and electrical parts end-users, it still has a room for scaling and operations optimization.

As a technical partner, we put effort into designing solutions that allow Omnical to ensure faster information flow, smooth operations and tracking, and take advantage of automation.

Partners since 2022
Services Delivered
Product Discovery Phase, Software Reengineering, Web Development, Quality Assurance, Support and Maintenance, Cloud & DevOps
Team Composition
2 Backend engineers, 2 Frontend engineers, 1 QA engineers, 1 Product designer, 1 Project manager, 1 Solution architect
Technology Stack
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What accelerates Omnical e-commerce operations and order management

Custom CRM for business-tailored order management

We’ve designed a CRM that introduces a clear order flow that combines automated tools and accelerates manual tasks fulfillment.

With easy-to-use customer profiles, all-in-one communication, and handy invoicing tools that complies with Netherlands tax regulations, Omnical managers can offer faster and better services for new and repeat customers.

For Omnical, we implemented several crucial features into their new CRM:

  • Automated quote generation
  • PDF creation tools
  • Order management tools
  • Communication tools
  • Invoice generation
AI-driven quote management

A large number of requests from both new and returning Omnical customers comes via email, which required manual processing, filtering, and quote creation. We’ve implemented an AI-driven mechanism that accelerates the process and automates quote creation to significantly reduce time needed for information processing.

After Omnical receives the request, the quote is created and parsed automatically —  within the quote functionality Omnical managers can configure deal details, and transform quotes into orders.

Enhanced customer information management

To accelerate the order management process and reduce error related to manual data input, we’ve enhanced the customer profile functionality — it allows Omnical managers to use information on previous orders, customers, contact data, and speed up order processing.

Together with Omnical, we’ve transformed their customer relationship management into a truly digital one. The solutions we implemented introduce automation and accelerate order creation and processing, which positively affects order time and reduces manual work.
Iryna Kovbasa

Iryna Kovbasa

Project Manager