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How we started

Our cooperation started in March 2021 — we empowered our client’s team with several Django experts able to take over the tasks that require strong technical and e-commerce expertise. Being one of the Australia-leading e-commerce companies, our client’s business also unities multiple cross-domain branches and strives to expand its marketing capabilities.

We helped our client to keep the development pace of several business-crucial features. They needed a team that didn’t require meticulous coaching and management, and we were the right one.

We focused on 3 core objectives:
  • Build and implement the Influencer Affiliate program functionality
  • Enhance product, category, brands, deals, and more functionalities
  • Integrate with the TestFreaks review aggregator
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Mar 2021— Jun 2022
Team size
8 Engineers

Why our client chose us

Our client stakeholders required a team able to jump into the project and deliver right away — with no low-level management from their side. To reinforce their e-commerce platform with new features, fix bugs, and refine the existing codebase, they required a squad that bring a combo of strong technical skills and an all-around understanding of e-commerce solutions.

We’ve been able to successfully showcase our e-commerce projects, set up the process that mitigates risks related to timezone differences, and allocate a team of 8 experts rapidly — and that’s why we partnered with one of the Australia-largest online retail companies.


Our broad experience across Python & Django stack along with a solid background in the e-commerce niche were the key factors forour client to choose us

The vendor was selected based on a particular skillset (Django framework) and experience working with similar-sized companies within the Agile framework. Based on positive feedback reviews and competitive pricing, Django Stars were selected.

Matthew Sayers

Matthew Sayers

Delivery Lead

Fueling the transformation
We reinforced digital platform development to enrich our client’s e-commerce business with new growth opportunities

Our client was already a large Australia-leading e-commerce company when we started our cooperation and our efforts were focused on building several core features to help them keep the development pace rather than strategy-level tasks.

The client appreciated the ability of our experts to work autonomously while aligning the processes with the overall project flow. Together, we’ve managed to work within the Agile framework efficiently despite the 7-hour difference in time between Australia and Ukraine.

Partners from Mar 2021 to Jun 2022
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Dealing with time zones

With a 7-hour time difference between the Australia-based team and our experts, we’ve had to set up a smooth cooperation framework. There are obvious benefits of such a time difference — the work on the project lasts a few hours a day longer, which allows for more efficient development flow organization.

Though communication may be a stumbling block — and our project manager put a lot of effort into both organizing concise online meetings throughout the project and setting up an efficient data transfer.

Being on a 7 hour time difference with Australia it was critical to maintain high level of communication flow. Django Stars worked with us at how we should continuously improve and better our communication both online and offline.
Matthew Sayers

Matthew Sayers

Delivery Lead


What reinforces our client’s leadership in the Australian e-commerce market.

Enhanced affiliate marketing capabilities

The core objective of our involvement was to design and implement a completely new Influencer program functionality to expand our customer’s marketing capabilities. Focusing mainly on bloggers, this functionality provided influencers with an opportunity to create virtual showcases and earn money via affiliate links.

Despite being a part of a united team, we’ve taken over the entire development of the Influencer program and covered its creation, implementation, quality assurance, and project management.

We acted as a fully-fledged external team — taking over the work on functionalities, we’ve covered the entire development cycle and provided our clients with delivery they could use right away.
Mykhailo Kokadii

Mykhailo Kokadii

Front-end engineer

Rich real-users feedback on thousands of products

While providing in-depth independent reviews on a number of products, the platform needed to accumulate feedback from real users and provide its customers with more information on the items listed. To achieve this, we’ve implemented an integration with TestFreaks service which allows retail companies to extend product reviews from a huge real reviews database.

Together with our client’s team, we’ve managed to set up a system that allows for fast and effortless review retrieving and utilization.

We appreciated their willingness to adapt their processes to not only align with our way of working but also to actively collaborate on improving practices, communication and alignment on delivery.
Matthew Sayers

Matthew Sayers

Delivery Lead

Special product landing pages

To equip our client’s business with more promotional capabilities and ensure a better user experience, we designed and implemented special pages for product departments, categories, and collections with TOP brands, TOP-products, and TOP deals functionalities.

Our engineers covered backend and frontend development, quality assurance, and project management — in a word, we’ve acted as a dedicated team hired to reduce the load on the internal squad while providing the same quality delivery.

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Django Stars successfully delivered the project on time and within budget. The team excelled at project management despite the time difference. They communicated well and were accommodating of scope changes throughout. They were flexible, supportive, and professional.