A Saudi Arabian e-commerce platform that connects local fashion designers, celebrities, and buyers, and allows them to list, promote, sell, buy, and earn through affiliate marketing capabilities.
Founded in 2019
Owned by Veda Holding
7000+Products stored
How we started

Veda Holding, a Saudi Arabian incubator for creative & innovative brands, invested in the concept of a digital fashion store selling goods from local designers and creators — WeCre8. They needed a technical partner to guide the team through pre-development research and discovery, identify the most efficient tech solution, and re-platform from their SaaS solution.

The core of Veda Holding’s business is shopping mall development, and the WeCre8 concept they had implied an efficient combination of online and offline features.

We focused on several core goals:
  • Design and implement the entire WeCre8 platform
  • Create mobile solutions for iOS and Android
  • Introduce affiliate marketing and promotion features
16 weeks
To create and publish mobile apps on App Store and Google Play
2020 —  2021
Team size
10 Experts

Why WeCre8 chose us

Veda Holding was going to bring its expertise across offline commerce to online and looking for a tech partner able to bring together the innovative fashion spirit and Saudi Arabia’s market requirements.

To build a WeCre8 store, Veda Holding needed a team familiar with Saudi Arabian business ethics, able to bring together innovation and tradition in a design solution, and enable Veda Holding to have complete control over the WeCre8 business.

When we were approached by Veda Holding, we had an experience completing a large project for SAIB, a Saudi Arabian Investment Bank, and sharpened processes of cooperation with Saudi businesses and creating solutions for the KSA market, so our team was able to adapt to the project specifics in no time.


WeCre8 chose us because of the combination of our product development expertise and familiarity with Saudi Arabia market specifics.

We were looking for a reliable technical partner to build several products for our holding company. We were looking for such a partner on the web and found Django Stars.

Also, they were referred by a trusted Saudi Arabian fintech company they had worked with previously. After meeting with their COO in person, we’ve decided to choose them

Ali Al Obaid

Ali Al Obaid

Project Manager, Veda Holding

The Discovery Phase

Before the development, we conducted a discovery phase to shape the WeCre8 store vision, and identify architecture, scope, and most efficient solutions. We dedicated several weeks to mitigating tech-related risks like scaling, ensuring product-market fit, and bringing together business and technology requirements.

During the discovery phase, we’ve defined solutions for several project-crucial questions and established a foundation for rapid, hassle-free store development.

We’ve been able to:
  • Identify criteria and clear requirements to choose an e-commerce platform
  • Align project structure, scale, and backlog vision across all stakeholders
  • Identify the ERP integration criteria and solution
Outcomes of the discovery phase
Saleor as an e-commerce platform to build the WeCre8 store upon
Customer, celebrity, and designer user personas
User journeys with detailed stages, actions, emotions, thoughts, opportunities, and more
Brandbook and social activities vision
Aligned vision across web and mobile applications budget, structure, and functionality

They did pre-development research, validated our idea, and did market research to ensure our product fits the market and gets customers.

They think of functionalities, features, architecture, but they also analyze such things from a business perspective — like ease and costs of scaling, meeting user requirements and specifics, etc.

Ali Al Obaid

Ali Al Obaid

Project Manager, Veda Holding

Fueling the transformation

During our partnership, WeCre8 transformed from a roughly implemented concept with limited scaling and control options into a sharp, adaptable e-commerce platform that takes advantage of enhanced marketing capabilities.

We’ve fulfilled the role of technical partner responsible for research, business concept testing and shaping, product design, development, and maintenance activities, and guiding the WeCre8 team through the process.

Together, we designed a platform that successfully operates online and integrates into a Veda Holding offline commerce system, empowering Saudi Arabian designers and influencers to promote and sell their products efficiently.

Partners from Apr 2020 to Feb 2021
team Composition
Technology Stack
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Cooperating in Ramadan

We started the project with the Veda Holding team right before the Ramadan started, which incited us to modify our cooperation approaches. While having an insignificant 1-hour timezone difference, we could only communicate afternoon and had to deal with limited in-person meeting efficiency — and that’s what made us decide to switch to a fully-remote mode.

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We’ve also changed our approach to meeting organization and tuned knowledge transfer mechanisms to ensure fast, efficient collaboration.
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Despite having a small communication window during one of the most important project stages, we’ve been able to come up with multiple technical and organizational solutions.
Product Design

To equip WeCre8 with a solution that brings together Saudi designers, customers, and celebrities, we’ve used a combination of product design best practices and Saudi-specific e-commerce research. We paid special attention to buyer personas for core and secondary audiences and considered local culture specifics related to purchasing scenarios and reasons to buy from local manufacturers.

We’ve also focused on providing Saudi Arabian fashion designers with a simple onboarding flow and equipped them with rich capabilities to represent their identity on personal pages with images, videos, and top lists.

For WeCre8, we’ve designed:
  • Interfaces in Arabic and English
  • Hassle-free designer and celebrity onboarding flows
  • Easy-to-operate interfaces for designers and celebrities
  • Marketing and personal branding functionalities

When we started cooperation with Veda Holding, we already had experience designing web and mobile solutions for the MENA region — and for WeCre8 we dived deeply into local e-commerce market specifics to design a shorter way between fashion designers, influencers, and customers

Sergiy Gladkiy

Sergiy Gladkiy

UX/UI designer


What empowers WeCre8 to bring Saudi fashion designers, influencers, and buyers together.

Modular and flexible e-commerce platform

To help WeCre8 build a fast, performant, digital system and ensure easy features change and implementation for the future, we’ve created their store with Saleor e-commerce platform. Setting up the store with Saleor made it faster and more cost-effective for WeCre8 to build the store foundation of several core functionalities:

  • Customer, buyer, designer, and admin panels
  • Order management system
  • Synchronization with warehouse
  • Support and dispute management solutions
  • Online payment system integration

We’ve empowered WeCre8 professionals with well-structured, accessible panels to get the overview of customer and designer information, add, edit, verify and delete users, manage orders and promotions, cover operations and support, and generate reports across every store management part.

We also paid special attention to empowering the WeCre8 team to manage stock in Arabic and English, flexible permission management, communication, and marketing tools.

We got a well-shaped e-commerce platform that meets our customers' needs. It’s live, it serves our customers in a predictable way, and we have full control of everything that happens.
Ali Al Obaid

Ali Al Obaid

Project Manager, Veda Holding

Functional and cost-efficient mobile solutions

We’ve designed mobile applications for iOS and Android in just 16 weeks — from idea to release on App Store and Google Play. It became possible to make it this fast for several reasons:

  • A well-defined app structure developed during the discovery phase
  • Hybrid technology stack that allows code and components reusing
  • Efficient knowledge transfer between the web and mobile app teams

Together, we managed to reproduce the functionality of the web platform, providing customers with the ability to search, wishlist, buy, get support, sign up for designer updates and celebrities via the mobile app.

The niche of the Saudi e-commerce market that WeCre8 targets requires businesses to have fast and functional mobile applications. Our customer personas rely heavily on their smartphones to search, make decisions and buy, so we paid special attention to ensuring a tailored and complete experience for mobile users.
Alexander Savchenko

Alexander Savchenko

Business Analyst

Enhanced marketing and operational capabilities for Saudi designers

The concept of WeCre8 requires cooperation with Saudi designers on multiple levels and implies providing them with capabilities to list, manage, and promote their items. We’ve designed a hassle-free flow that allows designers to set up their personal pages, add banners and videos, and prioritize specific items and collections.

WeCre8 interacts with designers in a balanced way — creators enjoy a streamlined onboarding flow and can manage their pages and content in minutes without tiresome communication on details while admins need to spend little to no time helping designers deal with any store-related issues.

Together, we’ve designed a platform that empowers creators to deal with multiple business-related issues much faster. WeCre8 covers and expands creators’ capabilities in:

  • Marketing and analytics
  • Advertising and social media activities
  • Warehousing and storing
  • Packaging and shipping
  • Customer service
Streamlined cooperation between designers and celebrities

We’ve created a special functionality that makes it easier for WeCre8 and Saudi designers to cooperate with local influencers — celebrities have their personal pages on the platform, where they can create and update their fashion recommendations and communicate with the audience. Registered platform users can sign up for specific celebrity updates.

Celebrities can choose among the advertising requests, and check the sales statistics and the money they earned, while admins have the efficient tools to fulfill any celebrity request on their page management, including editing and deleting.

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They have a strong experience, and are not shy to apply it during every phase — they drove us through the pre-development stage, and demonstrated a solid understanding of our business needs through the development process.

I believe that in case you trust them, share all the information needed, and keep your finger on the pulse, you will not have any issues with them during the whole process.