Python/Django Developer

Here, at Django Stars, we’ve built our own crew of talented engineers and managers with shared values and passion for technology as a cornerstone.

And we’ll be happy to welcome you on board.

  • 2+ years of developing commercial projects using Python
  • 2+ years of developing commercial projects using Django
  • Ability to work with the databases (not only through ORM)
  • Django REST Framework & Celery knowledge
  • Understanding of REST principles
  • The knowledge of basic HTTP principles
  • Experience with git & Github
  • Knowledge of the agile & scrum the basics
  • Ability to communicate in English
Would be a plus:
  • Experience with Redis
  • Advanced knowledge of PostgreSQL
  • Familiarity with MongoDB
  • Skills in AngularJS / React
Care about what you do and own the decisions taken
No matter when and how exactly we work, Django Stars stands out with the professional, caring approach and product quality we are proud of. Our values are easy to understand, and the way we follow them gets recognition from every client.
Stepan Zamohylnyi
Project Manager
We offer
Constant direct communication and interaction with all team members
Feel free to implement your fresh ideas
Flexible schedule and remote type of work
Competitive salary in USD
Paid vacation and sick leaves
Medical insurance
PE accounting and support
Friendly atmosphere to rest and share knowledge
hiring flow
It's never been easier... for skilled professionals
We focus our activities on positive candidate experience, and divide the recruitment process into two main stages.
Stage 1: Meetings with our Team
During that stage, we assess the candidates’ skills and match them to a project which meets their expectations.
Meeting with the recruiters

We usually hold the interview in our office so the candidate can see our work on a daily basis and feel the atmosphere of the place. However, during quarantine and lockdown, we can settle an interview online.

During the interview, we’ll ask you about your background, the technologies you used, your motivation, and what direction you want to progress in your career. We will also tell you about our projects, internal initiatives, and opportunities, and give as much time for questions as you need.

Сonversation with our technical interviewer

After the Recruitment meeting, we move directly to the discussion with a tech interviewer. You can expect to hear some technical questions regarding specific technology, algorithmic challenges, and problem-solving tasks. We’d also like to know what you are curious about programming, and what new languages, frameworks, or tools you’d like to learn.

Stage 2: Feedback and Job Offer
At this stage we talk about everything in detail and finalize the recruitment process.

We’ll provide you with feedback within 2-7 days —  terms depend on the complexity of the selection for the position.

If the feedback is positive, we’ll come back to discuss working conditions and the date when you’re ready to start. We can also discuss options for projects you can get into.

Job Offer

After every detail is discussed, we send you an official job offer, where all the agreements are spelled out.

We always provide feedback, no matter if the candidate joins Django Stars or not — we appreciate your time and efforts spent and strive to help you grow.

Do what you love – with us!

We have challenging projects for gifted professionals. Let’s create great products together!