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Alyona Pysarenko

Frontend Engineer
Alyona has been collaborating with Django Stars since 2014. In the company, she has found a friendly team, loyal leadership, and interesting projects such as Unleash12 and Moneypark. Alyona is an experienced developer who’s great at testing and Angular frameworks (old versions). Clients note her high proficiency with frontend tools, her ability to wrangle complex requirements extremely well, and her readiness always to deliver results that meet or exceed the client’s expectations.
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Alyona Pysarenko
Latest posts by Alyona Pysarenko
After seeing the amazing feedback and requests that followed my latest article on What and How to Test with Jest and Enzyme, I’d love to share a couple of other test cases. Today, we’ll talk about testing React forms that are conn
/ Frontend Engineer
13 min read
/ 13254
Unit testing React components may be challenging for beginners and experienced developers who have already worked with tests. It may be interesting to compare your own approaches with the ones we use in our project. In order to co
/ Frontend Engineer
25 min read
/ 88830
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