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Vadym Zakovinko

Software Architect / Team Lead
Vadym worked in the Django Stars for over 6 years. On our team, he started out as a Python Developer, served as a Team Lead on the MoneyPark project, and moved up to become a Solutions Architect. Vadim dealt with the initial architecture idea on new projects, supported teams in negotiation with clients, and helped make decisions in implementing changes.
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Vadym Zakovinko
Latest posts by Vadym Zakovinko
Hello, my name is Vadym, and this is my story about how I started learning Go, what it felt like compared to Python (the language I currently use at work), and benchmarking. I believe that every developer should learn constantly
/ Software Architect / Team Lead
8 min read
/ 16103
Everyone in the Python community has heard about Celery at least once, and maybe even already worked with it. Basically, it’s a handy tool that helps run postponed or dedicated code in a separate process or even on a separate comp
/ Software Architect / Team Lead
9 min read
/ 25783
Technologies are changing fast; people are not. – Jakob Nielsen Blockchain is a relatively new technology that many deem is used only for buying Bitcoins. They try to implement it in whatever sphere comes to mind, whether it is
/ Software Architect / Team Lead
11 min read
/ 23114
Debugging isn’t a new trick – most developers actively use it in their work. Of course, everyone has their own approach to debugging, but I’ve seen too many specialists try to spot bugs using basic things like print instead of act
/ Software Architect / Team Lead
7 min read
/ 17534
I frequently face a recurring situation when developers receive a task to make a performance optimization on Django. Pretty often they are trying to make it in a wrong way. In this short article I want to shed some light on the co
/ Software Architect / Team Lead
5 min read
/ 24268
From time to time you have to build some properties for an object and usually those are just a bunch of fields for a model. With django-classifier you may do that in another way. It allows you to create models at start, and set th
/ Software Architect / Team Lead
5 min read
/ 7746
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