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We cover topical questions in backend development. Find everything you need to know about back-end software development on Django Stars.

TOP 17 Mistakes when Working with Django ORM
Working with Django Models in Python: Best Practices
Top 20 Most-Used Django Packages and Libraries
Python 2 to Python 3 Migration
Django vs Flask: Which Is Better for Web Development
Booking Service Software Modernization. How Do We Do It?
Bootstrapping Django App with Cognito: Personal Experience
How to Develop APIs with Django REST Framework [Step-by-Step Guide]
Best Python IDE for Development
Golang vs. Python: Comparing Performance and Benchmarks
The Python Celery Cookbook: Small Tool, Big Possibilities
Configuring Django Settings: Best Practices
Python or Node.Js: Which Is Better for Your Project?
What to Consider When Building the Backend for a Location-Based Service
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