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Soner Ayberk

Senior Backend Engineer/ Team Lead
Soner is the Team Leader on the Molo Finance project. He has worked with T1International, Nebo Records, Straddle, Surfacide, and other clients. Soner's area of focus is backend engineering, requirements, infrastructure, and component architecture.
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Soner Ayberk
Latest posts by Soner Ayberk
For many industries, data is the key to delivering better services and solutions. This is especially true in the fintech sector, where data is used in every field of application. With the rise of open banking, many different opti
/ Senior Backend Engineer/ Team Lead
11 min read
/ 3539
Nowadays, fintech products are everywhere. They visibly or invisibly improve our lives and have made getting loans, mortgages, and other banking services easier and more accessible than ever. This industry boom has initiated a dra
/ Senior Backend Engineer/ Team Lead
12 min read
/ 6394
Do you know the difference between the following syntax? [x for x in range(5)] (x for x in range(5)) tuple(range(5)) This is exactly what differentiates Python from other languages. Coming from functional languages and being i
/ Senior Backend Engineer/ Team Lead
10 min read
/ 122911
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