A Swiss-German investment platform for small and mid-sized investment and pension funds and banks.
Founded in 2011
Acquired by Delinian
Partners with Avaloq
How we started

Sanostro enables banks and funds to make smarter investments by conducting investment simulations on historical data, so clients can identify the most efficient ways to diversify their portfolios. By defining the most efficient investment ratios, Sanostro helps clients to maximize profits.

When we partnered in 2018, Sanostro required a company able to help it transform a unique Matlab-based algorithm into a scalable web solution.


We focused on several core goals:
  • Build a web-based prototype able to conduct investment simulations
  • Design a web platform MVP that allows connecting to the simulations system via MVP
  • Improve the system performance to accelerate calculations
10 weeks
To a fully-usable prototype
2018 — 2020
Team size
5 Engineers

Why Sanostro chose us

When we started our cooperation with Sanostro, it has a unique, highly-scientific algorithm to identify the most efficient investment strategies, which worked well when it came to offline communication and service provision. Though, to grow and scale the business, Sanostro required comprehensive business digitalization.

Previously, we’ve worked with Patrik Hansson, the CTO of Sanostro, on the Clear Minds investment platform, which provided the Sanostro team with a clear understanding of our expertise and product development approaches.

Partnering with us, Sanostro got a technical partner able to bring together complex technical solutions and business logic, and embody it in an easy-to-use web-based platform.

Molo Molo

Sanostro chose us for our deep Python expertise and ability to work with complex financial systems — they were aware of it as the CTO of Sanostro previously worked with us on a Swiss investment platform. This expertise and our flexibility in terms of process organization were the key factors to choose us.

We looked at different vendors in the region and had several meetings. In the end, we selected Django Stars because of the professional impression they gave. The ability to put together a good team in a short period of time impressed us.

Patrik Hansson

Patrik Hansson

CTO, Sanostro AG

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Long-term business objectives

Sanostro’s ability to analyze large amounts of historical data and provide clients with well-shaped investment recommendations provided the company with a solid foundation to grow and win a larger market share.

Equipping Sanostro with a web platform and bringing its services online, we strived to provide a business with everything it may require for smooth scaling and ensure the fact it can both handle market changes and eliminate growth-related risks.

There were several core objectives for our combined team:
  • Automate simulations and advisory services
  • Provide Sanostro clients with high-quality reports faster
  • Eliminate risks of rapid expenses growth related to business scaling

We aimed to transform a semi-manual investment recommendation service into a strong digital investment advisory that allows for faster operations and easier utilization.

The project was executed according to plan. We have been able to streamline our processes and reach more clients

Patrik Hansson

Patrik Hansson

CTO, Sanostro AG

Fueling the transformation

Our cooperation with Sanostro was built around two core objectives — embody a complex Matlab-based advisory algorithm into an easily usable service and do it rapidly.

We’ve been able to design a working prototype that processed data and generated reports within only 10 weeks and transformed it into a strong MVP solution with enhanced connectivity, an accessible simulation system, and advanced data processing capabilities in months, not years.

We’ve empowered Sanostro through the entire product development process as a technical partner and introduced a combo of tech and Swiss fintech market-specific expertise to help the Sanostro platform launch and operate successfully.

Partnership from Sep 2018 to Jan 2020
team Composition
Technology Stack
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What empowers Sanostro to scale and reach more clients rapidly.

Marketplace platform and public Sanostro API

To empower Sanostro to reach more clients and provide investment data analysis faster, we’ve designed a marketplace that allows banks and funds to conduct simulations, get comprehensive reports faster, and avoid personal meetings with advisors.

The marketplace platform allows custom integration with the Sanostro system via API and finding the experts able to cover the integration process. Via the API, clients can access multiple features that empower them to make smarter investment decisions.

  • A simulation system fueled by historical data and current market dynamics that provides reports both on the entire investment portfolio and each asset.
  • An indicator system that shows the optimal market position at each given point in time.
  • A signal system with advanced sensitivity tuning that allows for the use of both ready-made and customized signal sets to predict market directions.

The platform aims to replace the in-person advisory with a robotic one while keeping the same degree of accuracy and personalization.

We planned to develop a new analytics platform for our business. To automate all processes including advanced data combinations and simulations. We hired Django Stars to build the software for this platform. The work held very high quality’
Patrik Hansson

Patrik Hansson

CTO, Sanostro AG

Flexible instrument set composition

Sanostro platform allows running simulations on particular data sets and introduces easy customization — clients can either use Sanostro data or run simulations only on their own data and get reports for each instrument. It allows clients to use the platform as a fully-fledged robo-advisory or as a tool to verify their assumptions.

Such flexibility empowers banks and funds to find proper ways to diversify their investment portfolios time-efficiently.

Sanostro’s core value is about helping clients to diversify their portfolios without tiresome manual processes and dozens of in-person meetings. The combination of instrument set flexibility and an ability to generate comprehensive reports rapidly is what makes Sanostro service special.
Olexander Ryabtsev

Olexander Ryabtsev

Team Leader

Automated data analytics and processing

Keeping the platform predictions and recommendations as sharp as possible requires regular database updates, which previously were conducted manually. Though, while scaling and expansion imply a more and more wide selection of investment instruments, the manual approach was considered unacceptable due to its low efficiency and laboriousness.

We’ve automated the process to address scaling-related issues beforehand and enhance Sanostro data management. With this automation, Sanostro team members need only to load the data in tables, and all the parsing, processing, and analytics are covered by the software.

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The project management was good. Their initial estimates were upheld and we encountered no surprises. We had some delays in our project start date and when we finally started they were able to find good people that could do the job very fast.