Sanostro is a SaaS-platform that allows users to create and edit investment portfolios. It provides the client with reports on asset price fluctuation dynamics, based on signals retrieved from third-party integrations and access to:

  • Analytics and strategy dynamics tracking
  • Reports based on processed historical and third-party integration data
  • Flexible signal-system settings




Since Sep 2018


Software development


To develop and implement a system capable of processing large volumes of data from third-party integrations, analyzing and assessing market dynamics, and predicting market directions.


A simulation system based on historical data and current market dynamics, providing reports not only on the entire investment portfolio but also for each asset

An indicator system showing the optimal market position at each given point in time

A signals system with sensitivity tuning that allows for the use of both ready-made and customized signal sets to predict market directions


Sanostro provides large businesses with portfolio analysis and the ability to secure investments.

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