A German proptech platform for in-depth property search, valuation, sale, and purchase.
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How we started

Scoperty was at the initial stage of developing their proptech platform when they reached us — they had some early developments created by the previous vendor, a product idea, and basic documentation. Together, we’ve had to transform those assets into a ready-to-use proptech software platform providing its users with comprehensive data on properties and prices all over Germany.

During the process, we’ve completely rewritten the existing frontend developments and designed the entire Scoperty platform from scratch.

We focused on several core objectives:
  • Build a functional MVP able to attract investments
  • Transform MVP into a complete platform operation all over Germany
  • Introduce advanced visualization and communication for agents, sellers, and buyers
Scoperty engaged one engineer from us
and we ended up building an entire platform
2018 - 2022
Team size
14 Engineers

Why Scoperty chose us

When we started our proptech software development process, Scoperty already worked with a vendor focused on frontend, and they needed expert help to design the backend. We’ve provided Scoperty with only one backend developer to consult them and engineer several solutions.

Scoperty was about to disrupt the German proptech market with their platform — and they required a team with proven product expertise to design it. Obtaining knowledge of our approaches and development philosophy, Scoperty gradually extended our team from one to fifteen experts.

Combining expert technical knowledge with property and mortgage-related expertise, we’ve designed an entire platform and supported Scoperty over its first years on the market.


Scoperty chose us because of our reputation and technical knowledge — and stayed with us because of our product development expertise.

One of our investors was already engaged with them and recommended them to us. Django Stars has provided us with a very competent backend developer. We started with the frontend and built our team out slowly. In the end, Django helped us create our whole marketplace.

Sebastian Frenzel

Sebastian Frenzel

CPO of Scoperty

Fueling the transformation
The concept of Scoperty proptech platform combined sophisticated technical realization of performant multi-layer maps, easy-to-use design, and integrations with Germany-specific real estate services.

We’ve empowered Scoperty with several teams, visited them in Munich multiple times, and were there to reinforce every part of their platform development. Together, we’ve been through ideation, MVP development, and a fully-fledged online platform launch.

Our combined efforts resulted in an advanced search solution for property valuation, purchase, and sale.

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What empowered Scoperty to provide an uncompromising property search experience.

Prices for 35M properties

The most unique feature of Scoperty is the ability to display prices not only for the properties listed by users but also for those that are not currently for sale.

We’ve achieved it by developing a property valuation software solution that processes information from multiple sources, including the Sprengnetter database. The system takes into account multiple parameters, including city area and its infrastructure, building condition, apartment size, data from neighboring properties, and much more.

Scoperty provided users with the ability to submit data on their properties (or hide them from search) and get more precise valuations. By analyzing the user data obtained in this way, the property valuation system achieved a decent level of price assumption precision almost for every city covered.

We’ve aimed to design a property valuation software able to process data on millions of properties and provide users with the ability to surf across them seamlessly. We’ve achieved it with a proper combination of sharp architecture design and handpicked integrations set.
Viktor Shutenko

Viktor Shutenko

Backend developer

Everything is on the map

The most viable thing about what Scoperty offers is a performant multi-layer map that contains information about almost every property in Germany.

We’ve introduced filtering not only by cities and specific areas but also by property parameters such as building type or room size and enabled users to get every piece of information they need on the map. With this map, they can track property price dynamics, check photos of specific properties, save the liked ones to lists, and even more.

Such an all-in-one map makes the process of searching for a property and contacting the agent or homeowner extremely easy and straightforward.

Smooth user experience

Besides the core platform features, Scoperty introduced multiple functionalities to make it easier for users to track property prices and communicate with agents and homeowners.

We’ve designed a universal personal panel for homeowners, realtors, and buyers that enables them to set a price, provide information about a property, upload photos, save suitable objects, send or receive offers — and ask realtors to manage the property.

Scoperty also allows filtering the area by price, type, size, and status of the property, saving filters and getting updates on new properties that match the selected criteria via email.

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It feels as though they are a part of our company, and their people are really engaged in delivering a good solution. They feel fully responsible for our product.

They think about the solution, and I think that is really cool for an outside company. They have a stable team. With Django Stars, you’re really able to create a Scrum mindset.