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Gleb Pushkov

Backend Tech Lead at Scoperty
Gleb\'s career path is an example of the extent to which our team developers can devote themselves to a client\'s project. After serving as a Team Lead and Backend Competency Lead at Django Stars since 2015, Gleb was invited to the Scoperty side as a Backend Tech Lead in 2021. Undoubtedly, this became possible thanks to his thorough knowledge of Python and his reputation as a pro who’s always worth listening to.
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Gleb Pushkov
Latest posts by Gleb Pushkov
What do you need most to launch a startup? Determination? An idea? An enthusiastic team? Or a solid roadmap? Well, preferably all of these things, but everyone starts wherever they can. What’s most important is the way they apply
/ Backend Tech Lead at Scoperty
4 min read
/ 3705
Nowadays, more and more developers integrate their app with Single sign-on (SSO) services. It greatly increases the speed of development, because the basic routine is already implemented, tested, and hosted: sign-in, registration,
/ Backend Tech Lead at Scoperty
17 min read
/ 10845
Standing out isn’t just a problem for apps – it’s something every product struggles with. But, like mortgage or financial applications, an app that deals with real estate needs to be easy to use, transparent (as not all of the use
/ Backend Tech Lead at Scoperty
19 min read
/ 3622
Choosing the right programming language for your startup is not an easy decision, considering the huge variety of available options. And it's not enough to choose one just because it’s more popular, an experienced developer recomm
/ Backend Tech Lead at Scoperty
12 min read
/ 16790
Django development of products is usually easy and straightforward: great documentation, many tools out of the box, plenty of open source libraries and big community. Django ORM takes full control about SQL layer protecting you fr
/ Backend Tech Lead at Scoperty
10 min read
/ 35716
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