The US-based healthcare solution to reduce bacteria and viruses from hospitals, restaurants, and residential properties with UV-C systems.
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How we started

Surfacide has provided customers with UV-C towers for facility disinfection since 2010 and introduces easy control over disinfection cycles via an Android application. Surfacide reached us at the beginning of the Covid-19 epidemic to redesign their portal, ensure high performance, and enable smooth scaling so the company can help more people reduce viruses at the time they need it most.

When we started our cooperation, we focused on several core goals:
  • Redesign a web portal to improve performance
  • Enhance user experience
  • Implement changes rapidly
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Why Surfacide chose us

When we started our cooperation in early 2020, Surfacide needed a company able to recreate their old web portal’s functionality and embody it into a sharp, scalable solution in a short period of time.

The original Surfacide platform was written in .NET and C#, and they required a team able to dig into both technical and business sides, design a well-shaped, modern portal, and ensure advanced maintenance and security solutions. The important thing was to develop a solution rapidly to enable the platform to serve more customers amid the epidemic.

We’ve already had experience with the US healthcare market, designing a Haystack Intelligence platform, and had a perfect match with Surfacide due to our tech expertise and ability to come up with and deliver the solution fast.

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Surfacide chose us due to our Python & Django expertise, and the ability to deliver secure and scalable solutions in a short period of time.

I wanted a decent-size company that could meet our needs. They were clearly very knowledgeable. Everything is extremely well-organized. They’re very professional and easy to get along with.

Gary Nutbeam

Gary Nutbeam

IT Director, Surfacide

Fueling the transformation
We’ve started our journey with an outdated portal, not much documentation, and the need to design a new web portal and integrate it with an Android app for tablets rapidly.

In just 6 months, we’ve managed to conduct an all-around analysis of the legacy platform, design and implement a new, Django-powered, portal, and bring data management and security to the next level.

Together, we’ve empowered Surfacide to serve customers securely and efficiently, and help more businesses and people fight viruses effortlessly.

Partners from Mar 2020 to Sep 2020
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What empowers Surfacide to lead the UV-C disinfection industry.

Efficient data management

We’ve recreated the entire legacy web portal functionalities with new technology to accelerate data flow and analytics, enable seamless software maintenance and updates, and bring security to the next level.

We conducted database optimization and introduced advanced security practices, so the data flowing between the hardware, web portal, users, and Surfacide team is both accessible and well-encrypted. Our combined efforts resulted in:

  • Faster loading times
  • Secure cloud-based data storage
  • Easy maintenance and updates
  • Enhanced data analytics
  • Full visibility over the system and facilities
Seamless integration with the Android app

Surfacide provides customers with a low-level disinfectant device set, that includes UV-C towers and an Android-based tablet to control the disinfection cycles, monitor, and share the information.

To ensure streamlined and effortless data processing, we’ve implemented backward compatibility for the redesigned portal, so all the information from Android tablets is automatically transmitted into the cloud-based storage.

Working on the portal side only, we managed to enhance performance and security, and configure the system in a way it allows for smooth business scaling.

Rich scaling capabilities

One of the core goals of the web portal redesign was to set Surfacide up for cost-effective scaling by introducing clean architecture and proper technology stack. Together, we’ve found a perfect balance between the ease of maintenance and the ability to scale smoothly and securely.

Surfacide portal and applications are currently available in English, Spanish, French, and Polish. To ensure adding more languages and expanding to new markets conveniently, we’ve optimized the portal’s UX design for additional flexibility.

The service that Surfacide delivers is a true game changer. Our role was about setting things around it — building a new, performant and secure, portal, ensuring backward compatibility, and enhancing the UX. In a word, we just empowered Surfacide to do its best.
Soner Ayberk

Soner Ayberk

Team Lead

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Django Stars delivered a high-quality product that included all the features the client was looking for. The team was clearly knowledgeable and highly qualified. On top of that, their organization and professionalism make them a good partner.