IT Consulting

We bring much more than code to help our clients build, transform, optimize or scale their business.

Aimed to build what you really need.

As an IT consulting company, we focus on finding and implementing better solutions — the ones that ensure high security, scalability, smooth performance, and meet the exact goals and needs.

We bring 13-years of experience and deep technical expertise while focusing rather on business and product-specific needs than solely on the technical part.

What does our Information
Technology Consulting include?

We strive to cover both short and long term uncertainties our partners can meet, and mitigate risks before they actually emerge. We help our clients through the whole process of building, transforming, and scaling their business.

  • Software Audit
  • Digital Transformation
  • IT Strategy
  • Security Analysis
  • Product Scaling

Software Audit

We identify issues that might affect your product performance, like old technologies or poor code quality, and provide you with comprehensive recommendations on how to address them.

Digital Transformation

Digitizing your business may be time-consuming and difficult. We dive deep into your business specifics, processes, and customer experience to help you develop a clear step-by-step plan of how to go through digital transformation.

IT Strategy

We help you align business and IT organization, analyze the current state of the IT environment, shape the vision of how to maximize technology benefits for your business in the future, and create an IT strategy roadmap.

Security Analysis

As an information technology consulting company, we strive to ensure our clients’ data is secured, so we provide risks analysis, management, planning, and other services.

Product Scaling

We help our clients get prepared for success by ensuring that the product can be scaled fast and smoothly when it’s time to.

What’s in it for our partners

Technologies that suit
your product
We have a deep understanding of what technologies might benefit your product and can help you accelerate your business both in the short and long-term perspective with a proper tech stack.
Less time and
efforts needed
Handling strategy, security, transformation, scaling, and building the team to cover it all might be quite challenging. With a team of experienced professionals, you can do all of it faster and more efficiently.
As an IT service and consulting provider, we have experience working with multiple product types and dealing with several target markets specifics. We identify what your business really needs considering context and bring tailored solutions.
To achieve the best results, we analyze your business, operational structure and specifics, align your requirements with resources, and develop a cost-effective solution.
Combining broad business and tech expertise to help businesses across industries.
We’ve been helping our clients from the USA to Jordan and know for sure how to provide a tailored consulting solution.
  • Fintech
  • Transportation
  • Traveltech
  • Proptech
  • Healthcare & Fitness
Healthcare & Fitness

Fintech Software Development

  • Lending Software
  • Digital Mortgage Products
  • Investment Platforms
  • Accounting Solutions
  • InsurTech
  • RegTech

Transportation Software Development

  • Taxi Applications
  • Food Delivery Solutions
  • Logistics Software
  • Car-sharing Platforms
  • Route Optimization solutions
  • Transportation Management systems

Traveltech Software Development

  • Hospitality Software
  • Travel Marketplaces
  • Hotel Management Solutions
  • Airline Software
  • Travel APIs
  • Airline Software Development

Proptech Software Development

  • Real Estate Marketplaces
  • Property Lending Solutions
  • Property Management Apps

Healthcare & Fitness Software Development

  • Professional Applications
  • Nutrition Software
  • Activity-tracking Solutions
  • Fitness Logbooks

When do you need our consultancy?

When you plan to go through the digital transformation or product modernization.
When you need a technology strategy that meets your business specifics and need.
When you want to optimize the product performance and get ready for scaling.
When you have exact issues to troubleshoot and need experts to deal with them.

Partner with us

As long as you need it
Having a product creator mindset, we prefer not to limit ourselves to solving technical issues and provide all-around consultancy instead. We think of ensuring business success on a long distance rather than covering only the basic needs, and that’s why our customers stay with us for years.
Transparency in everything
Companies need our consultancy to get things done, and we organize simple and transparent processes of collaboration and communication to bring maximum efficiency in costs and time. We provide all the documentation needed but focus rather on fast and clear communication than paperwork.
Business rather than technology
Being Python enthusiasts, we, however, concentrate on what the business requires, not what the technology can bring to it, and find tailored solutions.
All-round approach
Businesses don’t operate in a vacuum — there are market specifics, international and governmental regulations, security standards, and you have to deal with them. Well, not exactly — it’s us who deal with them for you.

Our Clients Speak

We always look for a better solution and don’t hesitate to consult our partners on both business and technologies. That’s how they see our impact.

Money Park
Money Park
PADI Travel
Django Stars not only delivers top-notch performance in programming but - thanks to a great team of smart minds – Django Stars are also a most valuable business partner for us.
Benjamin Tacquet
CTO of Moneypark
They feel fully responsible for our product. They think about the solution, and I think that is really cool for an outside company.
Sebastian Frenzel
CPO of Scoperty
They've been very flexible in accommodating our needs, our desires. They've also been very responsive. Overall, I'm very positive about Django Stars.
Joel Perrenoud
They were clearly very knowledgeable. Everything is extremely well-organized. They’re very professional and easy to get along with. They make sure everything is done correctly and that the customer is very happy.
Gary Nutbeam
IT Director of Surfacide
  • Money Park
  • Scoperty
  • PADI Travel
  • Surfacide

Our Portfolio

From advanced Proptech products to large financial applications — we can help any project.

United Kingdom
We’ve built a strong MVP in only 8 months together with our client Molo Finance. Molo raised £3.7m in funding and began disrupting the UK market from day one, and transformed into an important player on the British fintech market.

Rapid development, smooth integration with a number of third-party services, a decision engine, document generation tools and the ability to become the UK’s first digital mortgage lender - that’s what our partners got with our Python app development services.
We’ve developed 6 web and 2 mobile apps for our partner — Swiss fintech company Money Park. We’ve also created evaluation interfaces, tools for data analysis and several engines.

Python allows you to enhance product endlessly and be flexible with every new feature. Python libraries and open APIs helped us to develop powerful technology-based advisory platforms that can be seamlessly updated.
Together with our client PADI Travel, we’ve created a world’s #1 booking platform for scuba diving that handles over 250k+ visitors every day. Being perfect to design high-load applications, Python allows adding new features easily and helps us develop and improve the product on a daily basis.

Diviac enjoys enormous popularity with divers around the globe, uniting over 200 000+ divers, 10 000+ dive operators with real-life ratings and reviews, 300+ liveaboards and 900+ destinations. Also, it allows merchants to list, promote, and sell their services.
Scoperty is a platform that allows to observe, filter, evaluate, purchase and sell property in Germany.

Scoperty’s unique feature is its ability to show dynamic valuations of properties that are not currently for sale. The platform makes price suggestions based on information from homeowners and data provided by Scoperty’s partner, Sprengnetter GmbH. Users can set their price, sell and buy property for free, and access more than 400 lenders through the Interhyp system.
Our works were featured on:
One-Stop Borrowing on the Web
How To Find The Best Mortgage Rates And Lenders Online
MoloFinance scores £3.7M seed funding to offer a fully digital mortgage
Seven Big Changes Coming To The Banking Industry

Technologies and Integrations

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    Roman Gaponov
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      Roman Gaponov
      CEO of Django Stars
      Book a meeting with our expert, discuss your product idea and get your questions answered.


      What is IT Consulting? ‌

      We see our Information Technology consulting services as a set of activities focused on helping clients build, transform, digitize or optimize their products. They cover strategy, performance issues troubleshooting, improving security and scalability, and more.

      How can my business benefit from your IT support and consulting services?‌

      Being able to get expert help rapidly, you сan count on our technical and business expertise to cover a wide range of issues you might encounter — from technology strategy to security and the need to meet standards.

      Why do we need IT support consulting?‌

      You may need IT consultancy on different stages of your business development to optimize, improve and expand your infrastructure, deal with regulatory issues, identify and troubleshoot technical issues that limit your business growth.

      What can I expect from a consulting IT services?‌

      When providing a clear set of goals and objectives, you can count on an IT consultancy company to analyze your product, identify issues, and provide you clear recommendations on how to address them in the most efficient way along with clear documentation.

      What is DjangoStars approach to IT support and consulting services?‌

      We stand for transparency and comprehensiveness. That means, we organize our collaboration process in a way that is easy to follow, and focus on the bigger picture — e.g., solve issues and provide recommendations based on your long-term goals rather than ensure the short-term effect.