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Roman Gaponov

Co-Founder & CEO
Roman started out as an engineer but soon realized that Python had enormous potential, which nobody noticed. Thus, in 2008 Django Stars was founded on the idea that Python is the Almighty Code (back then, we were alone in our belief) and that it was possible to create any product with it. Because of his "what if" mindset, Roman has taken the role of idea generator and enabler since the company's founding.
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Roman Gaponov
Latest posts by Roman Gaponov
“Hi Roman! What changes should we make in communication with partners in wartime?” I'm the CEO of a software company in Ukraine, so it's easy to imagine what was behind this and similar questions from the PM after February 24th. O
/ Co-Founder & CEO
9 min read
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This year, on October 13, Django Stars celebrated its 13 years. And frankly speaking, for a tech company founded in the year of the Global Financial crisis, by two programmers without any business management experience, it’s kind
/ Co-Founder & CEO
6 min read
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Is it easy to create something in a virtual world? Well, it doesn't require carrying heavy bricks here. But not everyone who tried is happy with the result. Why? Perhaps, it's because not everyone is clear about the result they ex
/ Co-Founder & CEO
4 min read
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