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    How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Mobile App?

    The cost of app development depends on many factors, so we can’t promise to give you a cost estimate for each specific case in one article. But we can give you a general overview of how mobile application development fee is formed.

    How Much Does It Cost to Build a Messaging App

    People can hardly imagine the world without WhatsApp, WeChat, and other popular messenger apps. They are loaded in almost...

    10 Things to Remember When Designing your App’s UX

    A certain number of UX guidelines apply to both mobile and desktop apps, such as the general requirements for convenience, functionality and content highlighting. But don’t be fooled by these...

    Best Practices in Mobile App Design in 2021

    Optimal mobile app design is all about personalized communication, a friendly voice, and intuitive interaction. In other words, it’s a design that doesn’t require users to think much and focuses...

    Building Your Next Mobile App with React Native: 4 Essential Benefits

    Today smartphones are here, there and everywhere. People are almost never off their phones. And if someone wants to find, engage, or get closer to a customer, there’s no better...

    UI Development Flow

    This article is dedicated to our customers. It describes the User Interface(UI) development flow in Django Stars from the idea to the final result. Let’s move to the starting point....

    How to Gamify a Mobile App: Tips and Examples

    Gamification helps to engage users, make them motivated and loyal to your product. Here, we discuss the precise ways of app gamification, using the most profound examples.

    App Development Cost: Android vs iOS

    Every decision has its cost. It doesn’t matter if you decide what car to buy or what girl to marry or what platform to choose for your brand new mobile...

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