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    Case Study

    Turning Complex Into Simple. 6 UI/UX Cases from a LegalTech Project

    UX/UI design for industry-specific products is no small task. It requires a deep understanding of how and when the target audience will interact with the product. In this article, we’d like to share 6 strategies we’ve learned when creating UX/UI design for a legal tech product.

    Unit and Integration Testing of React/Redux Forms

    After seeing the amazing feedback and requests that followed my latest article on What and How to Test with Jest and Enzyme, I’d love to share a couple of other...

    How we Combined Deadline-Driven Development with Agile — and Delivered

    The title for this post sounds seemingly impossible. But in our experience, everything can be done if the development team and project manager have deep expertise and, along with the...

    How to Build an Investment Platform

    An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. – Benjamin Franklin Investment advising isn’t anything new. Obviously, people who are involved in this kind of business, investment advisors, are professionals...

    How to develop a travel booking service: 5 lessons from the PADI development team

    Easy to use, smooth transactions, quick access to information and deals – passionate travelers usually use these phrases to describe why they love their booking service. Yet to build such...

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