Transportation and Logistics
Software Development

We help our partners keep moving forward.

We share responsibility and think in terms of the best solutions. Yes, we DO care about the product.

Well-shaped transportation software solutions combine an easy-to-understand interface for users and complicated logic behind the curtains, which implies automation, optimization, and a number of third-party integrations.

Sharing this approach, we never hesitate to offer better solutions if there are ones, apply our experience in dealing with regulations, and drive our partners through the whole process. That’s how we build outstanding products, and that’s why our partners stay with us long after the product release.


Logistics software development that brings a difference.

Taxi Applications
  • Taxi Applications
  • Logistics Software Solutions
  • Food Delivery Software
  • Ride-Sharing Apps

Taxi Applications

  • Live status tracking
  • Payment gateways
  • Split-fare options
  • Alerts & notifications
  • CRM systems
  • Analytics tools

Logistics Software Solutions

  • Resource optimization tools
  • Route optimization systems
  • Shipment tracking
  • Reporting & analytics tools
  • Order management tools
  • Process automation

Food Delivery Software

  • High-load search engines
  • Personalization tools
  • Delivery tracking
  • Third-party integrations
  • Scheduling tools
  • Processes automation

Ride-Sharing Apps

  • Route optimization tools
  • Scheduling tools
  • Map integrations
  • Payment gateways
  • In-built messengers
  • Analytics tools

Numbers that matter

When the product is in the first place, the results always follow.

12+ years
Of experience
building products for world-leading markets
Transportation app
development company,
according to Clutch
Of our partners are ready to recommend us
$450 mln
Funding raised by our

Our Clients Speak

We invest ourselves into products we help our partners to build. Check how they appreciated it.

PADI Travel
Django Stars are good at hiring the right people for the project.
Alex Evtehov
Project Manager of Taxofon
They've been very flexible in accommodating our needs, our desires. They've also been very responsive. Overall, I'm very positive about Django Stars.
Joel Perrenoud
MD and Board Member of PADI Travel
They feel fully responsible for our product. They think about the solution, and I think that is really cool for an outside company.
Sebastian Frenzel
CPO of Scoperty
From a project management point of view, they did fine when we started the project.
Mads Schiøler Tingsgård
Head of Fintech Intelligence of Copenhagen Fintech
  • Taxofon
  • PADI Travel
  • Scoperty
  • Copenhagen Fintech

Transportation Software Development Services

We cover every aspect of the product development, helping you get the most out of your ideas.

Transportation Case Studies

Our works were featured on:
A multiplatform app that connects restaurants with delivery service providers in Jordan. Django Stars engineers built a user-side web app and a driver-facing cross-platform mobile app from scratch. Read more about the project.
Taxi software development for an innovative transportation platform. Rich in features for web and mobile apps including real-time GPS tracking, dynamic pricing and integration with payment systems. Here’s how the passenger and driver apps were built.
Together with our client PADI Travel, we’ve created a world’s #1 booking platform for scuba diving that handles over 250k+ visitors every day. Being perfect to design high-load applications, Python allows adding new features easily and helps us develop and improve the product on a daily basis.

Diviac enjoys enormous popularity with divers around the globe, uniting over 200 000+ divers, 10 000+ dive operators with real-life ratings and reviews, 300+ liveaboards and 900+ destinations. Also, it allows merchants to list, promote, and sell their services.

What we focus on
as a transportation development company.

We drove our partners through the product building and launching process and their transformation into market-leading companies, and stayed to help with scaling and support. We’ve dealt with issues businesses encounter when creating new products and uncertainties they face during digital transformation.

We strive to build a scalable product architecture, ensure high security, and create functional interfaces from the get-go. We focus on several things that make transportation apps really great:

  • Logistics management and geo-based tools
  • Real-time fleet management systems
  • Route and shipping optimization software
  • Reporting, analytics, and tracking tools
  • Back office processes automation
  • B2B and B2C CRM systems

How we help our partners

GDPR, local and
industry-specific regulations
Security assessment and
external code review
Due diligence and operation
procedures support
Future extension roadmap
and consultancy services

Technologies and Integrations

We help integrate the product with industry-leading services

Partner with us

Build durable relationships
We treat our partners’ products and businesses as our own — we help with initial analysis and discovery, drive our clients through the whole process of product building and launching, and stay to ensure everything is smooth with scaling and maintenance.
Think ahead
We take projects we truly believe in and build products that come to stay. That means, we strive to eliminate long-term risks, uncertainties and growing pains on the very stage of product architecture design. Yes, we do care about our partners.
Find better solutions
We don’t accept the status quo and focus on what makes a difference rather than what’s familiar and comfortable. We put the product in the first place and don’t hesitate to offer better solutions when we see them.
Make it efficient
We avoid uniqueness in our development and communication processes to establish clear and transparent collaboration with our partners. We stand for efficiency, not wasting clients’ time and money on re-inventing the wheel.
Roman Gaponov
CEO of Django Stars
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    Roman Gaponov
    CEO of Django Stars
    Book a meeting with our expert, discuss your product idea and get your questions answered.

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      Roman Gaponov
      CEO of Django Stars
      Book a meeting with our expert, discuss your product idea and get your questions answered.


      What is Logistics and Transportation Software Development?‌

      It includes market analysis, idea validation, the product development itself, third-party services integration, as well as product design and quality assurance. Transportation software development companies also provide consultancy, support, and maintenance services.

      What are the advantages of Transportation & Logistics Software Development Services?‌

      It’s faster, more cost-effective, and more convenient to hire an experienced transportation software development company to build your product. You take advantage of relevant expertise in the domain and well-shaped processes while having no need to find, hire and onboard in-house engineers.

      Why do you need custom logistics software development?‌

      To create an app from scratch or to maximize your transportation business efficiency, it’s worth taking advantage of what experienced product creators can bring to the table. It includes scheduling tools, transport status tracking, inventory management, clear navigation, advanced analytics, payment gateways integration and more.