Django Stars

Request for Quote

Request for Quote

Python/Django Web Application Developmentfor startups in 2014

  • Talented & highly experienced team;
  • Best practices: PEP8, Code review, Test coverage, Continious Integration, Automated deployments;
  • Follow Agile Scrum methodology;
  • Dozens of successful projects for clients around the world;
  • Direct communication with all team members;
  • Flexible working schedule and quick start;
  • Pilot project & code examples;
  • Intellectual property & NDA.
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Django Stars

Django Stars is a team of star geeks with expertise in custom web application development with Python / Django, mobile and facebook apps development, geospatial systems (GIS), UI/UX and consulting. We are a company registered in the US with a representative office in Kiev, Ukraine.

Since 2008 we have designed and built complex web applications for companies around the world, ranging from web startups and international corporations to nonprofit organizations.

Custom Web Applications Development Mobile Applications Development Geospatial Systems / Mapping Facebook Applications Development User Interface / User Experience Technical Consultancy

We are experts at producing custom web-based solutions for our Clients from concept to launch using Agile methodologies, as well as at designing and developing web apps for everyone, as we love to build our own products. With a long experience in harnessing the power of the latest technology, we would be happy to devote our expertise, talents and knowledge to working with our Clients.

Our goal is to build really innovative, high-quality and cost-effective solutions using the latest Internet technologies with the help of our best and most-skilled developers.


  • Our internal IT team has been working with Django Stars very successfully for many months. Django Stars not only delivers top notch performance in programming, but - thanks to a great team of smart minds – Django Stars are also a most valuable business partner for us. Django Stars are sharp, very fast in understanding our often most challenging ideas from our world of finance and ...

    Dr Stefan Heitmann

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