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Alexander Savchenko

Senior Business Analyst
How do you make the development of a product as predictable as possible and reduce uncertainty? Perhaps you could use the opinion of a specialist with more than 17 years of experience in IT. Alexander began his career in systems integration, managed to become PM, and then switched to IT infrastructure, servers, storage, networks, and data centers. He also worked as a System Architect and Presale Engineer. The Django Stars team got him in 2016. Today, Alexander’s element is everything related to a project launch (including the estimates of money, time, and effort to implement projects). He conducted the discovery phases for SAIB, Boa Lingua, Azyan, Softactivity, Wecre8, MultiMedia, Office Christmas, and many other projects. With his experience in domains including Finance & Banking, CRM systems, Travel & Booking, Healthcare & Fitness, Marketplaces, Recruitment, Taxi & Transportation, he has a broad outlook. He likes finding several ways to solve a problem.
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Alexander Savchenko
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When asking how much it costs to develop a mobile app, it's important to know whether you're looking for a rough estimate or a detailed one. The thing is, the detailed estimate isn’t going to happen at the initial stage of the neg
/ Senior Business Analyst
19 min read
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The one who communicates 24/7 and delivers sudden news (not always good), who is often associated with a product owner and whose decisions someone will always be dissatisfied with. Don’t let these clichés cast a pall over the Busi
/ Senior Business Analyst
13 min read
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People can hardly imagine the world without WhatsApp, WeChat, and other popular messenger apps. They are loaded in almost every smartphone, and people send billions of instant messages, pictures, and videos through these technolog
/ Senior Business Analyst
14 min read
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In July 2018, Value Market Research released a report on the state of online payment platforms in the previous year. The report addressed, among other things, the value of the industry – $13.5 billion. Now it’s 18 months later, an
/ Senior Business Analyst
13 min read
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Over the past five years, app-based ride-hailing services have displaced traditional taxi companies. They offer convenience, transparency, security, sharing, competitive pricing, and attractive offers — features that were virtuall
/ Senior Business Analyst
15 min read
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“How much does it cost to develop a web application?” The answer to this question is what every client wants to hear from any development company – even before they describe what they want to receive in the end. “All the money t
/ Senior Business Analyst
16 min read
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