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    Latest posts by Alexander Savchenko

    Meeting Customer Needs: How to Choose a Payment Gateway for Your Startup

    Payment gateways play a crucial role in a startup’s success, since they help businesses get paid. There are many factors, both obvious and not, that might influence a startup’s decision...

    How Much Does it Cost to Build an Uber-like Taxi App in 2020?

    Over the past five years, app-based ride-hailing services have displaced traditional taxi companies. They offer convenience, transparency, security, sharing, competitive pricing, and attractive offers — features that were virtually unheard...

    How Much Does It Cost To Build a Web App?

    Don’t ask how much it will cost to build the app of your dreams - just tell the developers how much you have to build it! This is the approach to choose if you really want to save money, time, and get your app developed. Read on to learn why.

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