Iryna Meshchankina

Iryna Meshchankina

QA Lead @ Django Stars

“Our QA goals are to save you money, predict defects, meet the requirements and make users happy.”

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Communication in Team Cover
During project planning, communication is often overlooked. Most project plans only consider the actual development – but what about discussing and explaining the tasks at hand? You know how they say, “The truth is born in an argument”? Talking about what the team is supposed to do can not only bring the truth to light, but might actually reduce the project’s duration (and cost) and improve the product, as long...
How to Build an Investment Platform Cover
"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest." - Benjamin Franklin Investment advising isn’t anything new. Obviously, people who are involved in this kind of business, investment advisors, are professionals with a vast experience in investments and finance. Normally, they run brick and mortar companies where customers can come, sign a contract and get advice on when, where and how to better invest their money. With the technology evolving and...
Why You Need QA and How It Can Save Your Money
So, we should first decide what we’re talking about: we’re not talking about how QA engineers do their job. We are talking about why Quality Assurance is an essential part of software development and the way we operate at Django Stars. Let’s start with some definitions. Quality Assurance engineers aim to help create quality products. It’s not about finding bugs, not about simple testing. The main function of a QA...