Sergey Gladkiy

Sergey Gladkiy

UI/UX Designer @ Django Stars

A multi-project designer with a natural feel of UX. Loves animation, mountain hiking and sharing his experience with the design community in his articles.

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Lottie Animation Cover
Meet Lottie Framework Imagine it’s Monday morning. You wake up and grab your phone to check your Twitter feed. You scroll and scroll – what’s that? Oh, news from NASA. “Like!” And then you suddenly see that the heart-icon has...
How To Speak The Same Language As Designers
    Spend a day doing work with designers, and you'll get an earful of their specialized UX terminology: wireframes, mockups, interface, grids and more. But there’s nothing mystical about what they’re saying. To collaborate successfully with your design team, you need...
    UI/UX Terminology: What Every Designer Should Know
      This article is dedicated to designers and the people who have to communicate with them. Of course, if you go into any design studio, 99% of what you see will be drawings. But probably 100% of what you hear in...

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