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Get an advantage with our team of financial application developers who drive you through development, market regulations compliance, and scaling.
We cover design and development of personal financial applications across platforms.

Combining a decade-long experience in building personal financial applications with expertise across the US, EU, and MENA markets, we equip our clients with software that sets their businesses up for long-term success.

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Budget planning and management

From lightweight mobile apps with rich vizualizations to advanced budget planning solutions, we help our clients enable better accountability, categorization, and a smooth user experience. Providing financial app development, we focus on a slick combination of easy data perception and comprehensive representation to create budget planning apps that attract and retain customers efficiently.

Who may benefit?
  • Assets management across bank accounts
  • Expenses tracking by categories
  • Flexible categorizing and personalization
  • Advanced analytics and recommendations
  • Payments automation and template systems
Personal investments

A secure investment process combined with easy flow and rich data representation is a combo we stand for when it comes to personal investment solutions. Time and ease of use are of the essence when it comes to personal investment, and we strive to ensure not only rich app capabilities but personalized user experience and flows.

Who may benefit?
  • Investment portfolio dashboards
  • Accelerated investment flow
  • Smart analytics and management
  • Multiple investment goals systems
  • Asset diversification recommendations
Tax optimization

With our personal finance development services, we help users reduce their taxable income effortlessly, build tax solutions that help them define the exemptions they are eligible for, file the forms, and get personalized tax recommendations. 

Who may benefit?
  • Automated tax data import options
  • Sync transactions from banks and investment platforms
  • Built-in or integrated tax forms filing system
  • Seamless expense tracking
  • Multiple account access levels
Retirement planning

From independent multiple retirement planning options and risks calculation to advisory solutions that combine robotic and human touch, our financial software application development services enable more precise and efficient retirement planning.

Who may benefit?
  • Retirement risks analysis tools
  • Seamless expenses analysis
  • Comprehensive retirement planning
  • AI-driven advisory mechanisms
  • Retirement planning for couples

We focus on what makes a difference for your customers

The more financial institutions’ accounts can be connected to your app, the more sensitive data you process and the more your users are concerned about data security. Our personal finance development services introduce advanced security practices, though, we always keep security measures unburdensome for users, so they can authorize operations rapidly.
  • Biometric authentication
  • Reduced session time
  • Multi-factor authorization
  • Advanced data encryption
As personal finance apps, especially mobile ones, often are used in short sessions, we believe that the minimum number of steps should be required from a user to complete any operation — from checking the spending stats to making investments.
  • Intuitive app interfaces
  • Device-optimized charts and tables
  • Smart dashboards
  • UX/UI best practices
Users generate data when using your app — and our financial app developers help you transform such data into a competitive advantage and make your personal finance solutions truly personalized.
  • Save personal settings and data
  • Integration with social media
  • Smart notifications and alerts
  • Geo-based recommendations
Win customers with secure, audience-tailored personal finance solutions
we empower
We empower your personal finance apps to stand out — that’s how

Visualization schemes

Financial apps need to display large amounts of data in an easily perceptible way both on a large screen and mobile device.

With our financial app development company, you can introduce flexible design solutions and tailor your app to the audience’s preferences, display charts concisely and minimize the amount of effort required to input and analyze financial data.


AI-driven advisory

We help you build products that enable your customers to align their financial goals with expenses, optimize assets, and identify the most efficient ways to save or invest.

Introducing automation and AI-driven advisory, we bring advanced cost-efficiency and personalization to your business.



From basic operations like expense management and tracking to investment process peculiarities, our personal finance app development empowers your users with advanced automation.

Flexible automation settings combined with personalization set users up for the exact use cases they experience.



Gamification is an essential part of the customer retention strategy which motivates your customers to utilize your product more often and helps them develop a habit of using it.

As a finance app development company, we help our partners build sharp, audience-tailored gamification systems that transform finance management routines into engaging experiences.

case study
case image

A Swiss digital investment platform Clear Minds handles advisory and investment processes and provides its customers with personalized portfolio proposals. With our financial app development services, Clear Minds managed to combine online advisory and human touch to introduce a truly efficient and user-centric investment process.

  • Advising clients with assets of CHF 80M+
I would recommend Django Stars for two reasons, they both have to do with professionalism. Professionalism one is from the aspect of the company as a whole. They are very, very professional. The second one is that they are very professional in the technologies they take on.

Patrik Hansson

Product Owner at Clear Minds

case image

The US-based platform Repositax helps users by automating filling out the tax forms, enabling faster data retrieval and processing, and introducing comprehensive dashboards across multiple accounts, banks, and other financial institutions.

  • $1.6M+ raised in investments
The application is finished, it works, and it has customers. They’ve done a great job with me, and they’ve demonstrated great flexibility.

Michael McCarthy

CEO & Founder at Repositax Inc.

case image

Straddle app enables users to manage their personal debts and lend money. Initially created as an app that helps poker players manage and monitor their loans and debts, Straddle engaged our financial app development team to put clarity and speed in the first place and help users manage their finances effortlessly.

Django Stars provided a full turnkey solution for the mobile from start to production release and further support. We got more than a team of developers. We got a real partner who cares about our success.

Roman Zavadsky

CTO of Straddle Inc

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Anastasiia Yuvchyk
Account Executive, Django Stars
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