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The product rocks when it ensures the best user experience. Here we share our expertise on how to make your app both easy-to-use and attractive.

In the age of social media, people are more exposed to visual content than ever before. So it needs to be compelling. If whatever they see on their screens doesn’t catch their attention in the first couple of seconds, they will sc
/ UX/UI Designer
9 min read
/ 7775
Meet Lottie Framework Imagine it’s Monday morning. You wake up and grab your phone to check your Twitter feed. You scroll and scroll – what’s that? Oh, news from NASA. “Like!” And then you suddenly see that the heart-icon has not
/ UX/UI Engineer
12 min read
/ 22035
Spend a day doing work with designers, and you'll get an earful of their specialized UX terminology: wireframes, mockups, interface, grids and more. But there’s nothing mystical about what they’re saying. To collaborate successful
/ UX/UI Engineer
13 min read
/ 6943
This article is dedicated to our customers. It describes the User Interface(UI) development flow in Django Stars from the idea to the final result. Let’s move to the starting point. Understanding the Project’s Concept You have a
/ UX/UI Competency Lead
5 min read
/ 8204
Gamification is a user-centered approach that increases traffic and engagement for a product. Have you ever thought about using it? In this article, you’ll discover how gaming elements improve user retention and heighten a mobile
/ Creative Copywriter
7 min read
/ 19326
This article is dedicated to designers and the people who have to communicate with them. Of course, if you go into any design studio, 99% of what you see will be drawings. But probably 100% of what you hear in the studio will be w
/ UX/UI Engineer
13 min read
/ 83615
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