Some people treat products like just code lines. We don’t.

A web development company that just does coding risks missing the product’s business needs.

Django Stars’ approach is a technical partnership, which means diving into business specifics and transforming its needs into a solution that rocks the market.

Team at work
Team at work
Team at work

Your technical partner

Our clients are true visionaries eager to revolutionize the modernity. We free their creativity by taking over the technical part.

2018 Top Python and Django Developers at

TOP-3 Python development company

We are Clutch Top-3 Python developers, with more than 30 reviews and an average mark of 4.8.


Convenient time zone

We are in UTC (+2), which means you always have the results in the morning and enough time to assess, discuss and adjust the processes.

Python & Django developers

Why US businesses choose us

We create to make a difference

The US fintech industry is in constant search of solutions to refresh the financial sector and bring it to the next level.

Our team of Python engineers provided one of such solution while developing for Sindeo - a lead mortgage broker in the USA.


We build products meeting business goals

Web and mobile app development is about making business easier to run and scale.

The digital platform we designed for our client eSoft Planner helps service-oriented businesses to organize their work in a more efficient way.


We produce what has a real value

The modern digital market is about products that can contribute to human health and wellness.

We are proud to be the developers of a Haystack Intelligence app optimizing the work of hospitals and based on Big Data.



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