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    Latest posts by Artur Bachynskyi

    5 Trends that Will Disrupt the Fintech Market in 2020

    Once referred to as an emerging industry, fintech has become an undeniable breakthrough category in business and financial services. Despite being a relatively young industry in terms of time, modern...

    Non-banks and P2P: SME Lending Goes Digital

    Recently, there’s been much talk about small- and medium-sized enterprise (SME) finance, peer-to-peer lending, and alternative lending in general. At least, this was our impression when we were sponsors at...

    What to Consider When Building an Insurtech Product

    Digital transformation has changed the world of finance, investments and legal regulation. As fintech and regtech continue to flourish, it’s no wonder that digitalization is spreading its influence even further....

    How to Launch Fintech Startup and Not to Fail in One Year

    In January 2019, a small research company called Small Biz Trends – famous for investigations of trends and reasoning behind the most notorious marketing campaigns in digital business – released...

    Top Fintech Takeaways of 2020

    The year’s coming to an end, so what does everyone’s favorite fintech industry has to say? In this article, we’re taking a look at what tools were the top hits...

    What is RegTech? A guide to the latest trend in the fintech area

    RegTech development helps companies worldwide comply with established government regulations. Learn how RegTech solutions handle internal processes to make sure that the company is compliant and performs reporting and risk...

    How to Build a Unique Technology for Your Fintech Product with Python

    Fintech is a maze. It’s a thrilling and extremely complex industry for software development. There are state-level regulations, integrations with different services and institutions, bank API connections, etc. to deal...

    The Ultimate Guide On What You Need To Consider Before Building a Fintech Product

    The thing I like about finance is that this industry is as old as time – and yet, few people dare enter it. Luckily, technology helps to ease the everyday...

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