Artur Bachynskyi

Artur Bachynskyi

COO @ Django Stars

“It’s crucial to know what to do, and how. So you should always ask yourself: Whom should I choose to achieve the most? Go with partners who let you focus on your strengths and forget your weaknesses.”

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Fintech Takeaways Cover
In the 21st century, we are feeling like we are finally living in the future that everyone’s been waiting for, and picturing in movies. We may not have flying sneakers yet, but contactless payments, for instance, isn’t that bad either....
RegTech cover
Here comes RegTech — a new field in technology that ensures that companies, especially tech firms, act in accordance with implemented government rules and regulations. The first time we came across the term RegTech was when our team was deliverin...
How to Build a Unique Technology for Your Fintech Product with Python
Fintech is a maze. It’s a thrilling and extremely complex industry for software development. There are state level regulations, integrations with different services and institutions, bank API connections, etc. to deal with. Another challenge is the high level of trust...
What You Need To Consider Before Building a Fintech Product
The thing I like about finance is that this industry is as old as time – and yet, few people dare enter it. Luckily, technology helps to ease the everyday human engagement in financial activities. Financial technology aka fintech is...

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