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    Practice makes perfection. Experience makes expertise. Add to it passion and sense of ownership and you’ll get an idea of our approach.

    Join our crew on a mission of exploring the tech universe and reveal the intricacies of the software product development.


    Technical Due Diligence: Meaning, Process and Checklist

    Many startups dream to skyrocket in the market and get incredible investments in a short period of time. But the path is too difficult for many companies. One of the dangers before getting an investment is technical due diligence. What is this procedure, and how can you successfully go through it? Learn about the key features and pitfalls of the due diligence process in our article.

    Engagement Models: Meaning, Types, And Process

    Today, companies don’t always need to spend money and resources hiring in-house development teams. They can turn to outsource agencies instead. In this article, we are going to focus on engagement models in the IT industry and how to choose them.

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      8 Best Business Startup Books from McKinsey Alumni

      What top startup books can provide you with inspiration, hints, and ways to avoid some mistakes when launching a startup? We asked ex-McKinsey, and these recommendations are really worth paying attention to.

      Vue.Js for Fintech: What Will Your App’s Users Thank You For?

      Why is Vue.Js called progressive? What advantages does this JavaScript framework give to a fintech project? Whether you're familiar with Vue.js or not, welcome to the overview.

      Gathering Project Requirements: The Foundation for a Smooth Start to Software Development

      How can you gather requirements for software engineering? That's a key question when starting a new project. Want to get it right and move on to development smoothly? Check out this article.

      Software Development Process as House Building: Successful Projects vs. Air-Castles

      What is the software development process? What exactly does it consist of? Sort out with its stages and processes using the building analogy. Here's a general introduction.

      Human-Centered Design: Why Does It Matter?

      Human-centered design approach in UI creation is a must when you work on a product prototype to attract investment. Read why investors think about users first and how your design can show that your product does, too.

      Top Vue.js Projects: 9 Awesome Examples

      A luxury fashion brand, Asia’s biggest online shopping platform, and the world’s most accurate ETF platform can’t use development tools that can’t deliver a great user experience. Vue.js is one of the technologies behind some high-profile websites and applications whose performance contributes greatly to their owners’ corporate success on the web. Read on to learn who benefits from Vue.js and how.

      Turning Complex Into Simple. 6 UI/UX Cases from a LegalTech Project

      UX/UI design for industry-specific products is no small task. It requires a deep understanding of how and when the target audience will interact with the product. In this article, we’d like to share 6 strategies we’ve learned when creating UX/UI design for a legal tech product.

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