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Practice makes perfection. Experience makes expertise. Add to it passion and sense of ownership and you’ll get an idea of our approach.
Even an established company with a good market reputation can't build its success on previous achievements alone. Technology evolves, u
/ Content Lead
9 min read
/ 156
Sometimes, global events transform processes in society and lead to major changes in design, including UI design. An example of such an event is the global COVID-19 pandemic, which began in 2019 and continues to this day. Although
/ UX/UI Engineer
9 min read
/ 1830
Business is business: if you're negotiating with a software vendor, you want to know their price. And how are you supposed to react when they tell you their software engineer hourly rate? After all, what’s at stake is not only you
/ Operations Manager
10 min read
/ 1453
You know, there’s a building site next to our office. Here’s what it looks like from the outside: someone has chosen a place, surrounded it with a fence… and that's it. Now, they’ve been here for a long time. Occasionally, somethi
/ Operations Manager
12 min read
/ 1318
When developing a product, it seems like you start moving mountains. You feel like growth hackers, confident of getting the necessary investments and hit the jackpot in the market. But to do this, you have to scramble. Software d
/ Team/Tech Lead
15 min read
/ 3095
After the whole world switched to the remote work mode due to the pandemic, the development of software products became a necessity for many businesses. Luckily, now companies don’t always need to spend money and resources on hiri
/ Operations Manager
16 min read
/ 1977
There is no real growth without mentorship. Let alone the lack of experience at the start of one's business or when all you have is the spark for what is once to become a successful startup. But mentorship doesn't always come in t
/ Content Lead
11 min read
/ 2219
Launching a new digital product is one situation where we might say, "Fine feathers make fine birds." A user-friendly interface is crucial, for example, for a fintech app, where you need to provide the user with clear and well-rou
/ Frontend Engineer
10 min read
/ 1510
You may have heard a lot about Elon Musk, who's assembling a team for a flight to Mars. What happens if their Starship deviates course by just a fraction of a degree at the start? It will be a miracle if, instead of Mars, they hit
/ Team Lead and Backend Competency Lead
12 min read
/ 1559
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