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    Vue.Js for Fintech: What Will Your App’s Users Thank You For?

    Why is Vue.Js called progressive? What advantages does this JavaScript framework give to a fintech project? Whether you're familiar with Vue.js or not, welcome to the overview.

    Top Technologies for Fintech Software Development

    When deciding on the core features and tech stack for your fintech product, it’s crucial to examine the main market requirements, trends, and the most reliable technologies. This post tells why the combination of Python and Django best suits your fintech project requirements.

    Digital Transformation in Banking and Finance: The How and Why

    Advances in technology and business are creating new needs and providing resources for the invention of novel solutions in finances and banking. More and more, economic operations are going cashless...

    The Best Data-Providing Services for Fintech Products

    For many industries, data is the key to delivering better services and solutions. This is especially true in the fintech sector, where data is used in every field of application....

    Top 11 US Lending Startups That are Disrupting the Real Estate Industry

    The common pain of all millennials is having multiple debts — starting with student loans and ending (or not) with loans for their car, a house, and so on. This...

    5 Trends that Will Disrupt the Fintech Market in 2020

    Once referred to as an emerging industry, fintech has become an undeniable breakthrough category in business and financial services. Despite being a relatively young industry in terms of time, modern...

    The Discovery Phase: What It Is, Why It Matters, and Its Key Deliverables

    Want to know the secret of startup survival? Learn about the ins and outs of the discovery phase in software development and how it can make your product more competitive and customer-oriented.

    The UK’s Housing Market Will Never Be the Same: Reasons and Possibilities

    UK’s real estate market will never be the same. While it is challenging for conservative players, it may be the best time for the proptech sector to flourish.

    Non-banks and P2P: SME Lending Goes Digital

    Recently, there’s been much talk about small- and medium-sized enterprise (SME) finance, peer-to-peer lending, and alternative lending in general. At least, this was our impression when we were sponsors at...

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