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Practice makes perfection. Experience makes expertise. Add to it passion and sense of ownership and you’ll get an idea of our approach.
Even an established company with a good market reputation can't build its success on previous achievements alone. Technology evolves, u
/ Content Lead
9 min read
/ 148
Launching a new digital product is one situation where we might say, "Fine feathers make fine birds." A user-friendly interface is crucial, for example, for a fintech app, where you need to provide the user with clear and well-rou
/ Frontend Engineer
10 min read
/ 1502
Fintech, or financial technology, has become an appealing alternative to traditional banking. It has transformed the financial services industry and changed the way we manage money. Therefore, many companies who understand the pow
/ Content Lead
12 min read
/ 2458
Advances in technology and business are creating new needs and providing resources for the invention of novel solutions in finances and banking. More and more, economic operations are going cashless and streamlining bureaucracy, a
/ Operations Manager
4 min read
/ 2516
For many industries, data is the key to delivering better services and solutions. This is especially true in the fintech sector, where data is used in every field of application. With the rise of open banking, many different opti
/ Senior Backend Engineer/ Team Lead
11 min read
/ 3527
The common pain of all millennials is having multiple debts — starting with student loans and ending (or not) with loans for their car, a house, and so on. This is the main reason why the lending market is on the rise: Dire
/ Chief Operations Officer
13 min read
/ 15435
Once referred to as an emerging industry, fintech has become an undeniable breakthrough category in business and financial services. Despite being a relatively young industry in terms of time, modern fintech is an independent fiel
/ Chief Operations Officer
18 min read
/ 11197
If you think that a breakthrough idea, strict development deadlines, and marketing strategy are all you need to make your product hit the mark - think again. The reality is, on top of fierce competition and demanding customers, 9
/ Operations Manager
14 min read
/ 11110
Fintech startups become a notable player in the UK property market. The UK’s real estate market has always been consistent, solid, and trustworthy. But right now, the country is going through some rough times. The nebulosity aroun
/ Operations Manager
14 min read
/ 3756
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