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    Technical Due Diligence: Meaning, Process and Checklist

    Many startups dream to skyrocket in the market and get incredible investments in a short period of time. But the path is too difficult for many companies. One of the dangers before getting an investment is technical due diligence. What is this procedure, and how can you successfully go through it? Learn about the key features and pitfalls of the due diligence process in our article.

    8 Best Business Startup Books from McKinsey Alumni

    What top startup books can provide you with inspiration, hints, and ways to avoid some mistakes when launching a startup? We asked ex-McKinsey, and these recommendations are really worth paying attention to.

    Human-Centered Design: Why Does It Matter?

    Human-centered design approach in UI creation is a must when you work on a product prototype to attract investment. Read why investors think about users first and how your design can show that your product does, too.

    Product Design Process. 7 Steps to Perfection

    Check out the website product design methodology that helps top Django Stars designers to make amazing products that address client requirements and make it easier for other project teams involved to work efficiently.

    Top Technologies for Fintech Software Development

    When deciding on the core features and tech stack for your fintech product, it’s crucial to examine the main market requirements, trends, and the most reliable technologies. This post tells why the combination of Python and Django best suits your fintech project requirements.

    How to Create a Product That Investors Will Commit To

    Wondering how to find investors for your startup? Read our guide about available options and the pros and cons of approaching different investors.

    How to Write a High-Quality RFP for a Website Development Project (Template Included)

    Posting a request for proposal is a standard procedure when it comes to getting in touch with vendors for potential collaboration. A well-written RFP significantly raises your chances of scoring...

    How to Write an Investment Proposal: Step-by-Step Guide with Templates and Examples

    Writing an investment proposal is crucial to help your startup get financial support to survive. But if you haven't done it before, you probably have many questions, the answers to which you will find in this guide.

    Your Guide to MVP, MMP, MLP, MDP and MAP Startup Stages

    Do you have a product concept in mind? Are you willing to shape it and head straight to the development process? Test the waters first and get your idea validated....

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