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    Top Vue.js Projects: 9 Awesome Examples

    A luxury fashion brand, Asia’s biggest online shopping platform, and the world’s most accurate ETF platform can’t use development tools that can’t deliver a great user experience. Vue.js is one of the technologies behind some high-profile websites and applications whose performance contributes greatly to their owners’ corporate success on the web. Read on to learn who benefits from Vue.js and how.

    Turning Complex Into Simple. 6 UI/UX Cases from a LegalTech Project

    UX/UI design for industry-specific products is no small task. It requires a deep understanding of how and when the target audience will interact with the product. In this article, we’d like to share 6 strategies we’ve learned when creating UX/UI design for a legal tech product.

    Product Design Process. 7 Steps to Perfection

    Check out the website product design methodology that helps top Django Stars designers to make amazing products that address client requirements and make it easier for other project teams involved to work efficiently.

    The Best Data-Providing Services for Fintech Products

    For many industries, data is the key to delivering better services and solutions. This is especially true in the fintech sector, where data is used in every field of application....

    Top 4 Tips on How to Build an Effective Design System

    A deliberate design system makes your product consistent – from buttons to single-page applications – accelerates the UX/UI design process, and improves team collaboration. In this guide, you’ll learn what...

    Getting Started with Mobile Geolocation Testing

    This introductory article on geolocation testing is intended for quality assurance (QA) and test engineers working with web applications, and cross-platform (React Native) and native (iOS, Android) mobile applications. It...

    Jira Essentials for Product Owners. A Must-Have Project Setup Guide

    My name is Nataliia Peterheria and for more than 3 years I’ve been working as a Project Manager in projects of all levels of complexity. Agile and technology rule the...

    How to Manage a Software Development Team Across Time Zones

    Not every business expert can easily transition into a role of a software Product Owner, a requirement when building a startup and working with remote software development teams. In this...

    How to Successfully Set Tasks For a Development Team

    There’s a saying that goes “Go I know not whither and fetch I know not what” and usually, mostly ironically, this describes a poorly set task – something that we...

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