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    Travel & Booking

    Travel as a Service: How to Develop a Travel Platform

    The travel industry has immense potential. It is dynamic, ever-changing, and it keeps engaging diverse audiences. There are different factors enhancing the role of travel – including the growing availability...

    How to Build a Travel Service Customers Will Love

    With more than 100k flights, 1.5 million bookings made every day, and every tenth person in the world employed in travel services, it’s no surprise that the value of the...

    PADI Travel’s Joel Perrenoud on How to Grow a Startup into the Leading Travel Service

    The word startup implies a new beginning, but what it doesn’t imply is how difficult, and even scary, it might be. Some people try to start their businesses based on...

    Benefits of the Use of Machine Learning and AI in the Travel Industry

    One of the most famous travellers of all times, Christopher Columbus, made only 4 journeys during all his life. One of the journeys took him almost 6 years to prepare,...

    How to develop a travel booking service: 5 lessons from the PADI development team

    Easy to use, smooth transactions, quick access to information and deals – passionate travelers usually use these phrases to describe why they love their booking service. Yet to build such...

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