We Moved! Welcome to Our New Cool HQ

In the new Django Stars office we can work and play 24 hours a day, accept and accommodate clients and partners coming from overseas, and of course create cooler products and have more fun doing what we love. Let’s go and take the first look at our new unique home!

Cool Surrounding

We now are based by the address Vozdvizhenskaya st. 10A. It's not just another average building in the city, it's a new (renovated) house occupied by Creative Space iTVZDVZH, one of the most vibrant spaces of today's Kyiv.


In general iTVZDVZH is a huge co-working infrastructure where we fill a whole floor. The rest of the space is intended for other offices, first of all for companies engaged in programming, designing and related businesses.


The space is also going to include an eco-café, design and language schools, and even co-living part. Co-living is a kind of a hotel where you can stay for a short or long term. In addition to the rooms it includes a gym and even a cinema. So, Django Stars clients arriving to visit us from abroad will be able to stay just by our headquarters.

Unique Space

Actually, it's kind of a sin to call it 'the office'. When you enter our floor, you enter our cool and a bit freaky family. We invested a good deal of creativity, means and efforts in creating a space reflecting of who we are.


Yes, first of all we are high quality/performance professionals, but also we are an awesome crazy team. Surely, we're not another body shop, not a small part of a big cash machine. We know how to work, how to relax, and how to stay a happy and satisfied team.


To keep the spirit we occupy the whole 4th floor of iTVZDVZH. We tried to make our space both functional and fun. It has everything we need to be productive, creative and enjoying our work:


  • Open space or partly closed areas for collaborative working over projects;
  • Two meeting rooms for team discussions or talks with our clients/partners;


  • Play rooms to relax in between work;
  • Dining room and other amenities.


We decided that so called loft style with a personal touch will be the best to create a productive working atmosphere in our office.


Yes, we are fans of football (soccer) ready to play it even headdown:) If serious, we love doing sports, both virtual and real life. Some of us prefer getting to work by bicycle. That is why we even have nice convenient shower rooms in the new office to always stay fresh:)


Fabulous Place

The fairy tale is not over even when you leave our office. The point is that our new headquarters is situated in Vozdvizhenka, a historical area and luxury residential district close to the center of Kyiv. It's not just words, the area is really one of the city's gems.


‘Turning left, the outermost end of the street joins Andreyevskiy Slope and Goncharnaya, Kozhemiatskaya, Degtiarnaya Streets and Lanes are twisted nearby – it is the ancient heart of Kiev-Podol artisans. The Old-Kiev Mountains with steeply slopes, slide-rocks of yellow clay and white sands, with desert thorn thickets, squeaking of swifts and chirring of grasshoppers rise over these street-tracts’, that is how famous Ukrainian writer Michail Bulgakov described the Vozdvizhenka neighbourhood.

The area lies close to many landmarks and today is packed with numerous restaurants, art galleries and other places attracting both locals and tourists. If you come to Kyiv, you surely need to visit it to feel the vibes of the old and forever young place.


Do you still need reasons to pack your luggage and come over to bring us your ideas? Welcome to Ukraine, welcome to Kyiv, welcome to the new Django Stars home!

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