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Leonid Kovalenko

Creative Copywriter
If you want to get creative, ask Leonid. After all, he’s been dealing with our website pages, information architecture, and marketing solutions while developing Django Stars' brand since 2019.
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Leonid Kovalenko
Latest posts by Leonid Kovalenko
Every project has its specifications and demands. And when you’re building an application, it’s most important to choose the right technology to code it. In this article, we’ll look at Python vs. Node.js to learn about their benef
/ Creative Copywriter
11 min read
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Just as many other technological advancements, Artificial Intelligence came to our lives from the pages of fairy tales and fiction books (think of the Tinman from The Wizard of Oz or Maria from Metropolis). People dreamt about mac
/ Creative Copywriter
10 min read
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Gamification is a user-centered approach that increases traffic and engagement for a product. Have you ever thought about using it? In this article, you’ll discover how gaming elements improve user retention and heighten a mobile
/ Creative Copywriter
7 min read
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