Maria Yakimova

Maria Yakimova

Backend Engineer / Team Lead

“You can’t directly see or touch the backend. And you don’t need to. We’re your guarantee that everything runs like clockwork.”

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If for some reason you or your team of Python developers have decided to discover the asynchronous part of Python, welcome to our “Asyncio How-to”. Note: you can successfully use Python without knowing that asynchronous paradigm even exists. However, if you are interested in how things work under the hood, asyncio is absolutely worth checking. What Asynchronous is All About? To start with, in a classical sequential programming, all the...
Do you know the difference between the following syntax? [x for x in range(5)] (x for x in range(5)) tuple(range(5)) Let's check it 4 Facts About the Lists First off, a short review on the lists (arrays in other languages). list is a type of data that can be represented as a collection of elements. Simple list looks like this - [0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5] lists take all...