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Even an established company with a good market reputation can't build its success on previous achievements alone. Technology evolves, user expectations grow, and new realities force businesses to improve in response. Because if yo
/ Content Lead
9 min read
/ 262
The Importance of Software Modernization for a Product Success: Boa Lingua’s Approach
“Hi Roman! What changes should we make in communication with partners in wartime?” I'm the CEO of a software company in Ukraine, so it's easy to imagine what was behind this and similar questions from the PM after February 24th. O
/ Co-Founder & CEO
9 min read
/ 864
When asking how much it costs to develop a mobile app, it's important to know whether you're looking for a rough estimate or a detailed one. The thing is, the detailed estimate isn’t going to happen at the initial stage of the neg
/ Senior Business Analyst
19 min read
/ 9599
These days, building a house (unless it's a hut in the wild) is most likely done not by its owner, but by a whole team of contractors who know their work well. But in order for the result to be exactly the way the owner wants, it'
/ Operations Manager
14 min read
/ 2016
The one who communicates 24/7 and delivers sudden news (not always good), who is often associated with a product owner and whose decisions someone will always be dissatisfied with. Don’t let these clichés cast a pall over the Busi
/ Senior Business Analyst
13 min read
/ 1522
When someone wants to emphasize the importance of the first step in doing something, we often hear them say something like, "It's important to build a strong foundation." But if you look at that plan more closely, it's easy to see
/ Team Lead and Backend Competency Lead
14 min read
/ 1403
Business is business: if you're negotiating with a software vendor, you want to know their price. And how are you supposed to react when they tell you their software engineer hourly rate? After all, what’s at stake is not only you
/ Operations Manager
10 min read
/ 1588
You know, there’s a building site next to our office. Here’s what it looks like from the outside: someone has chosen a place, surrounded it with a fence… and that's it. Now, they’ve been here for a long time. Occasionally, somethi
/ Operations Manager
12 min read
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