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Practice makes perfection. Experience makes expertise. Add to it passion and sense of ownership and you’ll get an idea of our approach.
“Hi Roman! What changes should we make in communication with partners in wartime?” I'm the CEO of a software company in Ukraine,
/ Co-Founder & CEO
9 min read
/ 65
Standing out isn’t just a problem for apps – it’s something every product struggles with. But, like mortgage or financial applications, an app that deals with real estate needs to be easy to use, transparent (as not all of the use
/ Backend Tech Lead at Scoperty
19 min read
/ 3425
The common pain of all millennials is having multiple debts — starting with student loans and ending (or not) with loans for their car, a house, and so on. This is the main reason why the lending market is on the rise: Direct
/ Chief Operations Officer
13 min read
/ 15229
Digital transformation has changed the world of finance, investments and legal regulation. As fintech and regtech continue to flourish, it’s no wonder that digitalization is spreading its influence even further. However, popular t
/ Chief Operations Officer
18 min read
/ 6893
Despite being the most common type of collateral used for housing loans, mortgages are still subject to strict regulation and bureaucracy, even in the age of total digitization and process simplification. However, the development
/ Operations Manager
12 min read
/ 14497
Some things just appear and change our lives. They are barely noticeable to us, but after they arrive we can’t imagine how we lived before the change occurred. This is basically what happened with fintech. The industry started jus
/ Operations Manager
7 min read
/ 5994
Having started its rise to prominence in the 2010s, fintech has changed the image of traditional financial services. The existence of online banking, online investing, and online payments made it only a matter of time until mortga
/ Operations Manager
19 min read
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