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    How to Create a Project Management Communication Plan

    The software development process is complicated and, at times, chaotic. To make it less so, all its stages must be well-organized, planned, and agreed upon. Miscommunication, lack of clarity, and...

    Why Project Communication Is Important and Worth Your Money

    During project planning, communication is often overlooked. Most project plans only consider the actual development – but what about discussing and explaining the tasks at hand? You know how they...

    How to Successfully Set Tasks For a Development Team

    There’s a saying that goes “Go I know not whither and fetch I know not what” and usually, mostly ironically, this describes a poorly set task – something that we...

    Secrets of Effective Work Planning in Scrum

    Still can’t figure out Scrum? Use every possibility it provides to your and your team’s advantage. Django Stars project manager Nataliia Peterheria shares her experiences on how to effectively plan...

    Building a Software Development Team: Full Guide

    Creating a development team is a lot like putting together a sports team where everyone knows their roles and works towards the common goal, hand in hand. This guide will help you build a team that knows how to win.

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