Diviac Logbook is a social web application for scuba divers to log and share their dives, build communication around dive info, and get diving information. Being accessible from everywhere, it’s enriched with comments, photos and videos.

Diviac Logbook also serves as an info resource, containing user feedback, reference of local fauna, diving spots, and tourist companies.

Joel Perrenoud

MD and Board Member of PADI Travel


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Since Dec 2012


Full cycle software development


Diviac had neither in-house developers nor technical specialists. Thus, they needed a competent technical partner to fully rely on in creating a web and mobile app for scuba diving. The critical competencies were to transform business ideas to detailed technical tasks, offer cost-effective tech solutions (tools, libraries, etc.), and provide accurate estimates.

  • Web Platform To design and develop scuba diving platform based on dive logging mechanisms, that includes seamless integration with maps, many specialized details, and contains attached media to make them more vivid.
  • Diviac Dive Computer Connector To build a desktop application for the direct upload of the diving data from dive computer to Diviac Logbook.
  • Mobile Applications To create mobile applications for both Android and iOS that would allow divers to log dives, get info, and communicate more freely. Apps should have included the offline mode to log dives and upload photos and videos right after the dive regardless the network connection availability.


A single page application that contains:

  • Responsive high-load portal, optimized for tablets and phones
  • Mechanics and interfaces to log dives, with lots of specific details, geotagging, map integration, comments, and media
  • Social media features: share dives and media, write messages and comments, follow other users, and much more
  • Diving statistics, with map integration
  • Marine Live section: a detailed sea fauna reference, implemented by integration with fishbase.org — the largest online database
  • Integrations with other portals and applications for divers such as DiveMate and Scuba Board

Diviac Dive Computer Connector

  • Desktop application for Mac and Windows, developed with NodeJS
  • Importers/parsers for the industry-standard protocol formats (DL7 (ZXL, ZXU), UDCF, UDDF)
  • Synchronization with Suunto's MovesCount service
Diviac Logbook

Mobile Apps: iOS & Android

  • Mobile applications for Android and iOS, built with Ionic & PhoneGap,
  • to save time and resources
  • In-app database to increase storage capacity
  • Profound integration with Google Maps
  • Data transfer from the DiveMate app via Logbook API


Diviac Logbook is available on web, iOS and Android. It automatically synchronizes your dives, certifications, photos and settings across all your devices.

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We Used

As a partner and member of the team, Django Stars was not only delivering code, but was really thinking with us in terms of the best solution.


Joel Perrenoud

MD and Board Member of PADI Travel


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