Evidoq is a research platform that automates open source information gathering and analysis.

It reduces the risk of missing key information, and helps to identify key elements faster and more efficiently.

Powered by NLP-technology, it was made to reduce the risk of missing key information.






NOV 2016 - MAR 2018




To build a tool that automates the process of gathering intelligence from publicly available sources and interpersonal contacts.

Django Stars Provided
  • provided-evidoq-web
    Web development
  • provided-evidoq-ml
    Machine Learning
  • provided-evidoq-uxui
    Product design
  • provided-evidoq-qa
    Quality Assurance
  • provided-evidoq-marketing
    Market analysis


Smart search module with the focus on suspicious criteria factors empowered by NLP technology to provide the user with as much assistance & automation as possible.

Graph Pane that enables user to graphically represent diagrams, ownership structure and understand the connections between individuals

Company & individuals pane that provides user with the brief search results. Depending on the individual or company query it shows the name of the company, country where the company is registered, name of the individual, date of birth, name of the company of which he is/was a director/shareholder, and the option to export the entity to the Graph Pane.

Corporate interest pane that provides user with most detailed information regarding search results. It includes: company name and number, list of addresses and former addresses with their dates, corporate structure (parent company and subsidiaries), list of shareholders with dates, list of directors with dates, auditing company, website with the information relating to this domain, source of the information for user to be able to access the document if the finding needs to be evidenced, the option to export the entity to the Graph Pane.

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