Haystack Intelligence is the application that allows to optimize the work of hospitals based on BIG DATA statistics of the patients` and doctors` activity. Whether you want to identify the sources of workflow variation across your entire health network, or you want to focus just on a department, role, or service line – Haystack Intelligence helps you.

It ingests multiple data sources and turns your entire organization into a top-notch performance improvement team.

We couldn’t have created this product without Django Stars.

2018 Top Developers Ukraine at Clutch.co
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Adrian Talapan

CEO and Co-Founder of Haystack Intelligence


Jan 2017 - May 2018




To create a tool for hospital owners and managers that will allow them to analyze their expenditures, compare their branches, and check the patients-doctors-productivity ratio.

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    Mobile development
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    Product design
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    Quality Assurance
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Data processing mechanism powered by Apache Spark to transmute the huge scope of various data into well-structured and easy for aggregation, and reporting data in a form of database tables, grouped by time intervals

A self-written library that converts a date range into the date sets, which are lately used to pick up pre-aggregated data for the chosen period from corresponding tables to optimize the performance of SQL queries

Custom-built charts to visualize the reports in a way that is most suitable for hospital managers

Custom module that generates smart sql queries and aggregates huge amount of data

Docker to set up custom application for each hospital


Haystack Ranked as a Top Patient Privacy Monitoring Solution Provider in 2018 Black Book Market Research Cybersecurity User Survey

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Django Stars expedited the launch of the initial version of the app and reduced time to market. Their expertise, solid project management, and honest communication have led to additional work.


Adrian Talapan

CEO and Co-Founder of Haystack Intelligence

United States

2018 Top Developers Ukraine at Clutch.co
Read independent verified review on Clutch.com

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