Solastis CRM is a cloud-based platform that helps customers drive their sales and service processes forward and significantly improves internal business processes.

It streamlines all business processes in one platform, brings clarity to operations, and implements and standardizes workflows.

Django Stars handled the first phase of development of a complex multitenant CRM, building both the frontend and backend. Their knowledgeable engineers offset the issues that came up with sticking to the timeline and budget.

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Vaibhav Joshi

Founder and Director of Solastis






Since Mar 2017


Full cycle software development


To develop a multipurpose and multi tenant CRM system flexible enough to meet the requirements of SMB's and large enterprises operating in various business domains.


Case Management. A strong Case Management platform which digitalizes sales, services, and internal business processes.

  • Central Case Management. A central case management is responsible for all the cases being registered and accessible. It allows authorized users and managers to access cases, view progress and communication logs. Emails regarding cases are stored on the platform and available for authorized users to view.
  • Multiple Case types. Implemented to achieve the differentiation between business processes. Segregation of business processes by case types is a core of the CRM system. Once the segregation is done, authorization roles and dashboard reporting can be used more effectively.
  • Subcases. Implemented to ease the work with large cases by breaking those into small manageable components. It allows people from different departments to work together on different areas of the same case.

Tasks. To be sure that the case is moving in an efficient manner, following the defined work process.

  • Task templates. A task template brings a repeatable structure to the cases. Each case must go through the same steps. This ensures a consistent customer experience and easy performance measurement.
  • Task review is an audit function that is responsible for randomly picking up a predefined percentage of total cases and sending it for review to boost performance across agents.
  • Questions at task level. To specify questions that should be answered by agents before moving case to next step. This ensures that your agents are capturing relevant information at each stage.
  • SLA management. To track the time allocated to each task and the time spent by the agent. Visual warnings are implement here to notify users about overrunning.
  • Email Notifications. To send email notifications to the requestor and/or the agent triggered by custom events.

Task assignment. To choose between various methods of tasks assignment to agents.

  • Automatic assignment to assign the tasks to CRM agents automatically relying on assignment rules that can be specified in the configuration menu.
  • Direct vs User group assignment to perform the assignment of the task to specific user or user group. When the user group option is chosen, the selection of user is either done via round robin or a random method.

Organizational units & territories to prepare reports, performance measurement, and process improvement.

  • Multidimensional Case Analysis to generate meaningful reports to get the statistics of cases generated in a specific geography and in a specific business line.
  • To use unit, territory and case type to define authorization roles for cases and to specify access to a certain case type for a user in the selected territory only.

CRM Agent Authorization. To design authorization roles to suit your exact needs.

  • Authorization for Leads, Contacts, Cases to specify authorization to create, change, delete, list, and export options.
  • Authorization at Case type level to authorize an agent based on combination of organizational unit, territory and case type.
  • Authorization by roles to authorize users by precreated and pre assigned roles. One role can be granted to many users. So the authorization work need not be done again and again.

Emails to provide multiple mailing options.

  • Full Email integration into the CRM system. Once the configuration is done, CRM users receive an option to receive and write emails directly from the built-in mailing module.
  • Email association to case to automatically associate sent and received emails with the correct case through scanning the email’s header for the case reference.
  • Email to case to create new cases after incoming emails if the right case association is not found.

Reporting and Dashboards to know how good the helpdesk performs.

  • Dashboards. The dashboards implemented in a from of tiles, interconnected to each other to present one single dataset.
  • Reports. The reports represent the data behind dashboards in a list format.


Solastis multitenant CRM system is launched and open for businesses from different domains that are eager to digitize processes and achieve better results.

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My experience with them is Extremely good. The team is competent, they produce high quality work and the output is always good. I will recommend them to anyone who is looking for a high performing team for any python based project.


Vaibhav Joshi

Founder and Director of Solastis


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