StoryTold is an innovative application with a focus on the improvement of relationships between parents and children, including a new approach that enables you to keep in touch with your kids through storytelling.

It provides an individual communication plan based on your personality and other parents’ best practices.

Dean Kompanets

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To build a web and cross-platform mobile application that would allow parents to communicate with their children in a private environment through storytelling. Apps should include story analysis, hints and guidance, suitable pictures and animations, and gamification to make communication more engaging.


Web and mobile (react native) cross-platform mobile applications that include:

Smart story constructor with a built in GRAF engine based on gender, relationship, age, and frequency of communication. As soon as you fill out your profile, GRAF engine puts together an individual plan, so parents can be closer to their child every day, with every story.

Self written parser that converts HTML to native UX/UI elements on a mobile device.

Self written deep linking implementation to ease the application downloading process and force users to make focus on the mobile version of the app.

Integration with to provide the readability scoring based on sentence length, syllable count, passive words count, sentiment, tone, and other factors.

Integration with Segment, Amplitude, and Google Tag Manager to get the statistics about target audience behaviour.

Integration with Outbound to send personalized emails to different user groups.

Animations optimization engine to boost the apps’ performance.

Gamification plan to improve the engagement.


StoryTold is released both for parents and kids, focusing on user engagement and constant improvement.

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They really try to dig inside the project, rather than just outsource the code.

Dmitry Kompanets

Dean Kompanets

Co-Founder & SEO of of StoryTold

United States

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